Limited Slip 1" Nylon Dog Collars LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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SportDog Shock Collars are designed to be rugged and easy to use. They include waterproof collar/receivers, rechargeable batteries and the shock collar in this price range that is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty. Superior technology gives you features like a full mile-and-a-half range (ProHunter Remote Trainer - SD-2400 model only) and the convenient Add-A-Dog capability, which lets you train two dogs with one system. SportDog also offers a new deluxe beeper, which can be added to either shock collar for an instant beeper/trainer combination at a great price because you're supposed to be hunting for game, not a second mortgage. Click here for our .
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Creating gear that just sat on a shelf to collect dust was never our goal. Our number one priority has always been equipment that you and your dog can take on all your adventures. All Kismet Collars are not just unique and functional works of art. They’re also rugged, made-to-be-used pieces of equipment that can go anywhere your dog does. Sometimes things happen, but we are so confident in the materials we use that we are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of Kismet Collars’ products. confident in offering a lifetime warranty on all of our luxury designer dog collars.
Photo provided by FlickrDec 10, 2015 - BIG DOG CHAINS is so confident in the quality and reliability of it's dog collar products each purchase includes a lifetime warranty.
Photo provided by FlickrHigh Quality Collars and Pet Products for Dogs and Cats, Made in the USA, Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping, and Great Prices. Buy online today.
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Fred Hassen is seen here testing how waterproof the Sit Means Sit actually is! We put both the remote and the receiver to the test in this video, that shows why the Sit Means Sit dog collar was selected as one of the for 2007! Having both an electronic dog collar remote and receiver that are both water proof and very reasonably priced, makes it easy for dogs and dog owners to not only have the advantage in hunting dog situations, but also to make it much easier on both if you are spending the day at the beach with your dog, or if you go to the lake, or just in your backyard by the pool. No more worries about dropping your remote in the water, and having to buy a new one! Now you can relax, lay on a raft in Acapulco and train your dog! If you drop your remote, it will be fine, or just have your dog go and pick it up for you. The Sit Means Sit waterproof remote dog collar and remote transmitter, also have a lifetime warranty that is unheard of in the remote dog collar business. This isn’t a warranty where you have to read between the lines or the small print. It’s very simple. If anything ever happens to your Sit Means Sit dog collar, even if your pet elephant steps on it, we will replace it at no charge. The only caution that we must warn you about, is if you are laying on a raft and training your dog, just be sure to turn over every half hour, and apply a good sunscreen or you may get sunburned!Your best (and, in our mind, only) answer to this question is a lifetime warranty that absolutely must include dog chews. The collar that your dog wears will take a beating every day. It will be exposed to all elements, lots of dirt and everyday use. Over time, it is possible that something will happen to the collar, so make sure it is easy to replace if you need to. That’s the second part of this answer – make sure warranty returns are easy and painless to accomplish.The SportDog electronic dog collars are built to last and fit the budget of today's gun dog enthusiast. All SportDog electronic collars are designed by sportsmen for sportsmen and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. They include waterproof collar/receivers, rechargeable batteries and guaranteed by a lifetime warranty. Only the SportDog electric dog collars can be upgraded to a multi-dog unit by simply buying the Sport Dog Add-A-Dog Collar Receiver (excluding the SportDog - SD-2400). SportDog also offers a new deluxe beeper, which can be added to all their electronic collars for an instant beeper/trainer combination. Click here for our .Our high quality nylon collars are the finest on the market. Spruce up your pet in Premium TuffLock style! We offer over 100 different designs to fit all occasions and offer 5 different sizes to fit all types of dogs – big and small. All of our collars are proudly made in the USA and are guaranteed for life – even if chewed in two! We have snap collars, step in harnesses and leashes available in 4 or 6 foot lengths. Keep in mind these have a lifetime warranty!