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Sue Lee's Full Review of Kong Products: Today I though I'd write a review on Kong toys for dogs
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Regardless of what KONG’s review finds, I will never buy this type of toy for my dogs, and I’m going to check all of our dog chew toys/balls similar to the one Max had to ensure they have 2 holes.
A Kong Flyer Review. Watch Myko catching the Kong Flyer Frisbee. Find best outdoor and indestructible dog toys for active pets.
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A funny dog video of Myko reviewing the Air Kong Squeaker Bone.

As you can see in the video, Myko does not like fuzz on any of her dog toys. She has a history of ripping all the fuzz of a tennis ball and she ripped all the fuzz off the Kong Squeaker Bone in an hour. Despite the dog toy having no fuzz, it still squeaked and worked fine as a toy for playing fetch.

The Air Kong Squeaker Bone is a fun dog toy for playing fetch, playtime in the house, and playing tug of war with. This toy is recommended for dogs that love squeaker toys and do not rip fuzz off.

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Photo provided by FlickrKong toys are the best dog toys..
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The Kong Classic has been the Gold Standard for durable chew toys for more than 30 years. For full review and shopping info►

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The Kong Classic, Medium is a treat dispensing chew toy for dogs that can be used as a fetch toy as well.

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More dog toys ► If you want to purchase a toy that your puppy or dog will enjoy and that will last for more than a day, (or for just a few minutes, as with one of our previous dogs), check into getting one of the Kong brand toys. I highly recommend them. Keep training and Have FUN!Today I though I’d write a review on Kong toys for dogs. I have been using the Kong brand toys for my dogs for many years because they are fun for the dogs and they last for a long time. I’ve had some very heavy chewers in the past and even now one of my young pups can really chew through toys and rawhides. If you leave a strong chewer with a toy, it had better be a good one or you’ll be picking up shreds of it everywhere or worse yet, you might have to take an unplanned trip to the vet.Most helpful dog owner’s review (): “With a German Shepherd/Lab mix, toys usually don't make it more than 10 minutes before they are destroyed. The only toys that have consistently lasted (some for almost 6 months now) are Kong toys. This is the newest to his collection of Kong toys, and he treasures it like a real bone, and he can naw on it all he wants, and little to no damage happens…”Maui reviews one of his favorite toys!

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Kong Classic Dog Toy - Treat Dispensing
DogsButter- Peanut Butter for dogs, supports immunity & digestionThe Kong Star Pod is a rubber, low profile, treat dispensing dog toy that will provide hours of mental stimulation for your dog. For full review and shopping info►

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The Kong Star Pod is a rubber, low profile, treat dispensing dog toy.

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