Top 15 Best Low Protein Dog Food Brands for Kidney Health

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The Canine Kidney Health program uses an array of therapies, herbs and whole foods to restore your loved one to good health. No one therapy is more important than another. This program is a life change for your dog and will offer his best chance at recovery.
Kobe had just turned 1-year-old, and had kidney disease! We put Kobe on Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food cooked protein and oil, Kobe is doing great.
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Kidney issues in dogs are not an easy condition to manage, and these pet owners were simply relieved to find that such a food preparation exists. They are thrilled that it not only simplifies feeding, but Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Renal Health Canned Dog Food has actually helped them improve their dog’s health. However, most of these pet owners have bought this product from their vets, and they are one in saying that those sold on Amazon are very overpriced. Hills Prescription Diet k/d Canine Renal Health dog food is formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists to support your dogs kidney health
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is largely dependent upon your pet's diet. There are a number of important factors in the diet of your pet that will help to determine his long term kidney health. The quality of the ingredients isvery important. All prescription kidney health dog foods should have ingredients of the highest possible quality. These are the best at delivering nutrients to your pet's system which helps to keep his kidneyfunction (and his other organ function) as high as possible.Kidney health dog food will limit certain ingredients as compared with standard dog foods. This is important because particular dog food ingredients may actually cause problems for your pet's kidneys, and eliminating these ingredients will therefore be beneficial overall.The Canine Kidney Health Nutritional Program works pretty much like a specialized diet giving different herbs (safe concentrated foods full of vitamins and minerals) 3 to 4 times a day (see page for administration details), specialized home prepared meals (see page for recipe suggestions) and working with your Veterinarian to monitor your dog’s health and response to the diet. Our goal is for your dog to get healthy by supporting his system naturally. A dog with unhealthy kidney function will deteriorate over time if symptom management is your only approach.Obtaining a prescription for kidney health dog food requires that youpay a visit to your veterinarian. Ask the vet for information about howto best treat your dog based on his existing condition, and the potential conditions which he may develop as well.While many people believe that prescription or specialty diets for kidney health in dogs should be low in protein, this is not necessarily the case. Far more important is the type of protein that your pet gets. Eliminating standard protein sources in favor of other meats and vegetable proteins is the healthiest way to keep up your pet's kidneys. Kidney health pet food should have moderate to high levels of fat for optimal health maintenance.An ideal diet for combating urinary stones and renal health-related problems is one that's moderate in high-quality proteins (and devoid of substandard protein sources), high in complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, and low-purine vegetables help rid the body of extra uric acid), low in fat (fat holds onto uric acid in the kidneys), low in unnecessary fillers (foods that add little in the way of nutrients and for the most part simply result in larger stools for your dog), low in phosphorus (more important during advanced renal failure than in early stages of kidney disease), low in salt, and, for in particular, low in purines (components of certain foods – primarily found in animal proteins – that metabolize into uric acid in the body).