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Nelson had carefully selected JetBlue, due to their "JetPaws" pet-friendly policy, allowing dogs under 20 pounds to travel with their owners in the aircraft cabin. The airline does not transport animals above that weight, as the cargo area does not have oxygen or pressurized air, according to the JetBlue .
Feb 16, 2017 - JetBlue Pet Policy. Information for flying with a dog on JetBlue. Rules on flying with a cat on JetBlue.
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When Nelson asked if she could hold the dog on her lap while they waited, a flight attendant instead said she had to tuck the pet carrier, with Sofia still inside, further under the seat in front of her. The dog, though obviously stressed, was not allowed to be removed from the cage, per JetBlue policy, Nelson said. Jan 7, 2009 - Southwest, widely considered JetBlue's direct competitor, has a no-pets policy (except for service dogs)
Photo provided by FlickrNeed JetBlue pet policy? Your dog or cat can fly with JetBlue in cabin if requirements are met. This airlines does not fly animals in the cargo hold.
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On the surface, it doesn't look like JetPaws is much more than a new branding initiative for JetBlue's existing pet policy, which consists of a $100 each-way for small dogs and cats in the cabin (JetBlue apparently doesn't allow animals in the cargo hold). But there are benefits to the new service. Several carriers including and don't allow any animals to fly in the cargo area of the planes. JetBlue charges a per pet, and only allows small cats and dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds including their carrier to travel with their owners in the cabin. has a similar policy — though it charges $95 each way.I'm a pet owner (the cutest dog and cat you ever did see), so I'm glad JetBlue is making pet travel seem more like a service than a hassle, even though my dog is too large to fly the JetBlue skies. And JetBlue does seem to have its heart in the right place by making (small) pets welcome aboard its planes. But JetBlue Doggie Polo shirts? I draw the line at dog clothes. I mean, small dogs in funny clothes are cute and all … the way they waddle around looking sort of confused … adorably confused … you know, I bet my dog would look cute in one of these … and Christmas is around the corner, so—wait! What am I saying? No clothes for dogs! No!Southwest, widely considered JetBlue's direct competitor, has a no-pets policy (except for service dogs). “In fact, the only other airline that has a similar and competitive pet program is Virgin Atlantic on their international routes,” Clifford said.SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- On December 18, 2008 I was scheduled to depart San Diego to Seattle, WA with ** and our two dogs on flight #276. We had purchased 2 roundtrip tickets for our dog the same day we ordered our tickets to assure our dogs would be able to fly. We have flown with ours dogs multiple times on American, Alaskan and United with tremendous service and kindness to our dogs. With our love of JetBlue and the new pet policy we figured this would be the ideal situation for both the dogs and us.