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The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence is designed for the little guys, particularly those under 12 lbs
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This might seem obvious, but one of the biggest reason that people consider dog fences is because they want to keep their dog from getting injured. Nearly anyone who works with pet dogs on a regular basis, even little dogs, is going to tell you that this is a good reason to have a fence of some time on your property. Dogs will chase cats, squirrels, other dogs, kids, bikes and even cars - anything that moves, really. This is natural for them and it ties back into their wolf heritage because wolves live or die based on their ability to chase down prey. When your dog takes off after something, he or she is only following natural instincts, but it can still end up with them getting lost, struck by a vehicle or even getting into a fight with a cat, stray dog or other wild animal. It does not matter whether you live in a city, a small town or even out in the country - there will always be many dangers that can lead to your dog getting injured. Veterinarians handle many, many cases of dog injuries each year which could have been prevented had the dog's owners installed a proper fence. This is one of the biggest reasons that you should look into dog fences of different types. If you hate the look of a wooden, concrete, brick or chain link fence, then consider a fence that is invisible because these are on the market today.
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We had the indoor disks first. Our old dog figured out the beep and shock with little training. New dog also figured it out quickly. That cured the inside problem, but they were escaping through the outside fence since it is wraught iron and they are very small dogs. We installed the invisible fence to stop that. The fence we chose would provide collars that worked with the indoor system and outdoor system. I went outside to take a look at the installation right before the flags were installed. The dogs followed me outside and the new dog got shocked when she ran over to the gate. Now, we can’t even get her to go outside in the yard, she runs and hides when we tell her to go outside. When outside, she stays on the patio and scratched at the patio screen door (and screen beside it until she tore a hole). I have walked the yard with her and tried to teach her the boundaries, but if the beep goes off on her collar, or the other dog’s collar, she is running back to the patio. I have to chain her outside in order to keep her off the patio and hope that she will go potty during that time. Wired Dog Fence – Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence (View on Amazon) – A wired invisible fence option for smaller dogs
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WHY IS IT AT #5? PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300 model got the middle spot at number five because the battery packs were spotty for some customers and the acreage it covers wasn’t as high as that of other best invisible fences for dogs on this list. But, if you have a smaller yard and purchase extra packs – and the costs obviously add up – it will most likely work well for you, as the majority of customers of this wireless dog fence seem to be very satisfied.You do need something to cut through the ground with to bury the wire, but that’s to be expected (some customers suggested edgers or hand shovels to accomplish this task). PetSafe's product is listed as number six on our list of best invisible dog fences because it's the most perfect containment system for extremely energetic puppies and smaller dogs who have trouble obeying instructions and constantly try running into the street. Customers also were very impressed at the customer service quality of PetSafe company.OVERVIEW: Yet another good invisible dog fence from PetSafe, designed for smaller dogs between five and fifty pounds (hence the name). It’s compatible with several different types of correctional collars for dogs and it can also work for multiple canines.There are a few main considerations to take into account when shopping for your DIY invisible fence kit. First, customize your fence to your dog. If you have a docile Chihuahua, you will need the lightest smallest receiver on the market. A Great Dane, however, will need the largest receiver out there to reap the full effect of the fence. Start training your dog with the proper size of receiver, but know that if you run into training problems, there are other options available. If your dog's temperament is especially stubborn or tenacious and fence training is not going well, consider buying an upgraded receiver such as PetSafe's Stubborn Dog receiver.