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This interior door pet portal is designed for use indoors and can be used by cats and small dogs
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I usually don’t write letters about products, but in this case I had to. I have had dog doors for 30 years and have never been so pleased with a product. I recently purchased your large door for my pack and I mean pack, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Labrador, and Boston Terrier. As I live in the country, in Alberta Canada, I have always had problems with weather as in wind and the bugs in the summer and cold as well as wind in the winter with all the previous doors. Not with this one. My husband has nicknamed the Freedom door, “Fort Knox”. It is absolutely air tight and looks great. I can’t say enough good things about it and is worth every penny. It is so nice to purchase an item online, get great customer service as well as the product as advertised. I‘ve recommended your door to everyone that I know who needs a pet door.
I install dog & Pet doors in Stucco walls, wood walls, interior and exterior doors, wood or metal
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Instantly create a secure environment for your pet with our selection of adjustable pet gates, secure dog doors and versatile dog pens. Adjustable to fit most doorways, pet gates are an easy way to restrict your dog’s access to rooms, stairs and other off-limit areas of your home. Dog doors control outdoor access, and come in a variety of options from sliding door panels to mounted pet doors. Dog pens are free-standing enclosures that allow you to create a spacious yet secure place for your furry friend to play. All of our gates, doors and pens come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials to fit your pet’s needs and your home’s interior design. Explore Helen Mendenhall's board
Photo provided by PexelsThere's a pet door for every area of your home: from exterior or interior walls and doors to screens to dog doors installed right through glass
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Locking mechanisms also vary on wall mounted dog door security covers. Some doors use a spring lock that fits into a groove at the top. Spring locks don't always stay locked and the spring can get loose and scratch your interior wall. Pin locks with a positive spring action are better since they won't scratch and can be padlocked if desired.Get a pet door installed and make you and your pets happier. High quality pet doors are energy efficient, safe and durable. Rather than opening your “people” door many times a day, a doggie door will allow your dog to go outside as many times as he needs to – whether you're home or not.You can have your pet door installed in any area of your home or garage. Through walls, through doors, in windows and sliding glass patio doors are some of the pet door installations that I've done. You may even want a pet door installed between interior rooms of your home to allow your pet free access to the basement, bedroom or bathroom – anywhere to make life easier for you and your pets.There’s a pet door for every area of your home: from exterior or interior walls and doors to screens to dog doors installed right through glass!Glad to have found this blog. We live in Maine, where the winters can be severe. Would love to install a suitable pet door for our dog but that our three indoor cats can’t use. Have considered a door with a smart key, which also would keep outside critters from coming in. The problem is that the electronic doors don’t appear to be geared for our climate, but the other doors could be too enticing for the kitties to explore. We do have an attached garage, so I’ve even though we might put the doggie door on the outside door or wall. We’d still need to let her into the house from the garage, or maybe could install a simpler pet door into that interior door. What’s your best suggestion for us? Thanks.I do not recommend installing a security cover with dog doors for screen doors, window screens or screen porches. Dogs and cats will naturally scratch near a door to be let out. Depending upon their level of desperation they could potentially destroy the entire screen. A safer solution for your screen and your pet is to simply shut the interior door or window when you don't want your pet to use the pet screen door.I had never considered a pet door before but now I am interested. My dog is still young and very jumpy so it would be great for him to get more exercise outside. Two questions that I have are:
1. Over time the flaps and seals will wear, leading to leaks and drafts. Which of these models have replaceable seals?
2. Do you have any tips on teaching a dog to use these doors? Mine is very enthusiastic but not too bright:)