How To Groom An Old English Sheepdog ~

How To Groom An Old English Sheepdog
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How To Groom An Old English Sheepdog
Photo provided by Flickr
The services of a professional can be most helpful when grooming a breed such as the Old English Sheepdog. Bathing and drying this furry breed can be a difficult and time consuming task. Overheating is also a concern for the Old English Sheepdog breed, so the hair should be trimmed shorter in the summer months. When being shown, the Old English Sheepdog’s coat can be cut to a manageable length, but for conformation, a natural coat must be displayed. Discoloration can occur around the mouth due to a habit of heavy drooling in the breed; washing the face of an Old English Sheepdog after meals will help prevent this. How To Groom An Old English Sheepdog ~ to give to dugan's groomer. No moe bad cuts!
Photo provided by FlickrHow To Groom An Old English Sheepdog
Photo provided by FlickrHow To Groom An Old English Sheepdog
Photo provided by Flickr

Many groomers cringe when an Old English Sheep Dog is on the schedule. These are big dogs with beautiful fluffy coats that can be difficult for pet owners to maintain. All too often, we go through the circle of growing the coat out long and shaving the dog naked when it comes in too matted. My hat goes off to breeders, show people and others who can maintain these dogs in their breed-standard coat. Maggie is a small Old English Sheep Dog that has been coming to us since she was a puppy. She is an active dog—swimming, hiking and playing with her children. When she was younger, her family liked her fluffy, and we went through the back and forth of finding an appropriate haircut for her lifestyle. This haircut is a nice alternative to shaving. This is a short version; it can be done with a variety of blades and snap-on combs using the same method.


Step 1: Trim Nails

Cut the nails to the quick and file.

Step 2: Clean Ears
Pluck and clean ears with cotton swabs and solution (I prefer a non-alcoholic-based solution to avoid any sting).

Step 3: Bathe
Bathe the dog, using a whitening shampoo and a re-moisturizing conditioner. Force dry the water out of the coat, then cage dry.

Step 4: Pre-clip
Pre-clip the body with a #4 blade, the rear legs with a #1 snap-on comb and the front legs with a size 0. There is no need to dry the extra hair; pre-clipping can either be done before bathing the dog or after. I do it after the bath because clean hair is less likely to dull the blades.

Step 5: Fluff Dry
Spritz the dog with a fluff-out spray and methodically go through to coat, drying and removing any tangles.

Step 6: Trim Paws
Shave the pads with a #40 blade.

Step 7: Trim Sanitary Area
Shave the sanitary area with a #10 blade.

Step 8: Trim Eye Corners
Use either use a #10 blade or thinning shears to trim the eye corners.

Step 9: Trim Ears
Clip the inside of the ears with a #10 blade. Be careful of the skin tags. Clip the outside of the ear with a #4 blade, making sure to hold the ear flat against the palm of your hand. Maggie’s ears became very matted one time, due to ear infections, and had to be shaved. The family really liked the look.

Step 10: Re-Clip Body & Legs
Re-clip the body with the #4, following the pattern listed in the pre-clip. Re-clip the rear leg with a #1 snap-on comb and the front leg with size 0.Jeri Hoppe has gained great respect in the professional world with OESD. She has exhibited this breed successfully for years in the AKC shows. Not only does she win with them in the breed ring, but also in the pet grooming arena. In this lesson, she shows you how it’s done. The breed has an abundance of hair. This coat needs special care with brushing so it can present the proper profile when shown. Trimming and teasing in strategic areas help accentuate the standard or camouflage faults. Jeri shares a wealth of secrets she has learned over the years to turn out a stunning Old English Sheepdog in full coat. The Old English Sheepdog was first promoted in the U.S. by Pittsburgh industrialist Wm. Wade in the late 1880's, and by the turn of the century, five of the ten wealthiest American families--the Morgans, Vanderbilts, Goulds, Harrisons and Guggenheims--all owned, bred and exhibited the Old English Sheepdog. In fact, the social prominence and importance of the owners and spectators at the Old English ring in the 1904 Westminster Show in New York prompted the show superintendent to discreetly advise the judge to "take plenty of time; the dogs in the ring are the property of some of our leading Americans". It should be noted here, that these prominent families also had kennel managers and staff to care for and groom their OES!!!!! The glory of the Old English Sheepdog is his coat. The most difficult part of caring for an Old English is also his coat. The amount of coat on an individual Old English varies, but for a pet dog it’s a good idea to budget about half an hour to an hour per week to coat care. Grooming the coat of a show dog requires daily dedication. Along with time devoted to grooming, be prepared for dog hair around the house and on your clothes, as well as dirt, mud and debris tracked in on the dog’s furry feet.