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Health Mouth Essential Topical Gel for Dogs 10 ml. Also available for cats.
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After nearly losing her shih-tzu, Ping-Pong from dental disease Karen Albert, the creator of healthymouth and founder of healthymouth committed herself to developing a better and easier home care dental product to help herself and other pet owners extend the lives of their pets. After two exhausting, but rewarding years, healthymouth was born. Karen feels that she owes her dog's life to healthymouth. "Using the water every day, in conjunction with regular cleanings, not only transformed Ping-Pong's mouth, but restored her energy and vitality," she says. "Today, at ten years old, my dog is like a puppy again. Recognizing that I am not alone in treating my pet as family, I am passionate about educating all pet lovers to what I learned the very hard way. The health and longevity of your dog begins with a healthy mouth."
Finding the Top healthy mouth for dogs is definitely time consuming and boring so we did the hard work for you.
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Since dogs cannot take care of their own teeth, it is up to you to take of their teeth. The biggest obstacle to home dental care is compliance by owners. Every aspect of healthymouth was designed specifically to make compliance easy for owners. And compliance means that dogs will benefit significantly from dental home care. Yet keeping a dog’s mouth healthy isn’t difficult — and it’s worth the effort, says Diane Levitan of Long Island’s .
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Healthy Mouth was recommended to us by a veterinarian who has earned the title Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry (FAVD). She's also a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College (DAVDC). Both certifications are earned after years of intensive training, followed by a rigorous application process and examination. She suggested starting our dogs on the solution at about one quarter the recommended amount and gradually increasing it. It says right on the container that some clumps of material can occur and is normal. The green is from the chlorophyll. We paid $50 for 8 oz. of concentrate at the vet's office. Our 3 dogs, ages 14, 12 and 9, all drink as much or more water than they did before. We clean and refill the water dish every day, which should be done anyway. You still have to have regular dental cleanings to keep your dog healthy. One of dogs gets plaque build-up much more quickly than the others and this product has helped keep his teeth and mouth cleaner between cleanings.

She was elected to serve a five year term on the Board of Directors for the American Veterinary Dental Society in 2006. Definitely works. One bad or more accurately, one disappointing experience hardly is sufficient to call it snake oil or crap. Where's the rational science in that!? At least you had the wherewithal to say that in your case it didn't work and that you can't really gauge the efficacy. But then why call it snake oil? Make up your mind!!!
My dog never flinched when it was introduced. Drinks the same amount and the same patterns of hydration, etc. It is both visually and nasally evident. We have tested it various amounts, withdrawing it completely, etc. As a scientist (biologist) and a owner of dogs for over 40 years I'd recommend this product in a heartbeat. As for the rather expensive cost - well the $50 - $60 cost bottle (8 oz.) lasts at least half a year. We found that you adjust the dilution ration until you find the minimum for your dog. And we also found no need to do each and every refill of the water bowl with Healthy Mouth. Lynn,
That is great if Healthy Mouth works for you and your dogs. But unfortunately, JoJo did not take to it. Secondly, the number of accolades that your vet has accumulated, says nothing about the product itself. It probably will not harm your pet, so if you have the money, go ahead and use it. No harm done. In fact, that is the same rationale for taking vitamins or any other nutraceutical for humans. But until you run a REAL study with REAL science, I'm not buying it. Send me a paper that shows efficacy....until then, I think its snake oil. We have three rescue Shelties, ages 9 or 10, 8 or 9, and 8. We've had these dogs for years and like many rescues, their health and dental care was iffy to non-existent before we got them. For the first six years or so we had real problems managing their dental health - many cleanings, doses of antibiotics, extractions, etc. Finally, after one of our pups had an abscess requiring surgery, a local dental vet recommended Healthy Mouth and the results have been amazing. For the last year-plus their checkups have been terrific. Regular cleanings are still required, of course, but I'm completely sold on this stuff, expensive as it is.