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If you are unsure of yourself or just are not interested in grooming, a groomer can clean your dog’s ears or clip his/her nails. In addition, most people bring their dog to the groomer for hair care and/or so their anal glands can be expressed:
A dog’s ears also need regular grooming, because they may harbor mites or bacteria, and other forms of health problems.
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Four Paws Magic Coat Ear & Eye Dog Grooming Scissors are designed to trim the delicate and difficult areas on your pet such as the hair around ears, eyes, and in between their paws. The rounded tip reduces the risk of pinching your dog's skin while giving you access to trim. Nadia Lee, professional pet groomer, demonstrates how to clean your dog's ears.
Photo provided by PexelsAug 27, 2015 - When a dog licks another dog's ears, it may be simply an act of grooming
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When it comes to dog grooming, the ears are important as well. Owners should clean not only the outside of dogs’ ears, but the inside as well. With that said, note that cleaning the ears too much can actually lead to infection. The plucking of a dog’s ears has become a topic of some controversy as of late. While it used to be and still is, to an extent, a common dog grooming practice, in more recent years the practice has lost some of its following due to questions regarding whether or not it really helps a dog maintain the health of his ears. Let’s take a closer look.Grooming dogs ears may not be your favorite activity, but it is necessary for your pet’s well being. The grooming can be performed at home or if you prefer, you can go to a professional pet groomer. If you want to perform the grooming at home, you can follow a few easy steps.When a dog licks another dog's ears, it may be simply an act of grooming. Two dogs who live side by side and consider each other part of one pack will feel comfortable grooming each other. Since a dog cannot lick his own ears to clean them, another in his pack will do so. While ear-licking might stave off ear mites, getting licked too much by an over enthusiastic grooming partner might cause irritation. Your pooch may also end up with an ear infection, so check and clean your dog's ears often.Lately, however, some veterinarians and groomers have been speaking out against ear plucking on the grounds that it can further irritate an ear canal already prone to irritation and lead to ear problems that may not have occurred otherwise. They point out that plucking the hair from a dog’s ear canal leaves minute openings–essentially, tiny wounds–in the skin where bacteria can simply settle more easily. Additionally, because (a) dogs generally don’t like the feeling of hair being plucked out of their ears and (b) plucking can leave the skin irritated, a dog may be more likely to scratch and worry at his ears, which will only make any ear problem worse.The type of care you provide for your dog’s ears depends on your dog’s particular type of ear. Dogs with long, hanging ears need more attention than the ears that stand straight up. Dogs with hairy ears also need more grooming in this area than dogs that have sleek coats.