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How often do guard or protection dogs engage in freelance biting – biting on the dog’s initiative, not on the handler’s cue? Statistics seem to be impossible to come by. No surprise there, since reliable statistics on dog bites of any sort are hard to find. But you may be interested to know about some into the of Belgian military dogs. The studies began after that the dogs showed an unacceptably high rate of freelance aggression. Harsh training methods were used on these dogs, and I think we can presume that the military trainers had fairly well developed skills. The Belgian researchers’ that the more reward is emphasized in training, rather than punishment, the higher the quality of the dogs’ performance and the less likely the dogs are to bite off cue. If you’re considering an old-school guard dog trainer, I think this should give you pause.
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We have a fenced in pasture for the sheep and poultry. Our Great Pyrenees guard dogs stay in close range to the sheep, and pay special attention to the new lambs born in the spring. The chickens, ducks and geese all free range with the dogs. PUPPIES - Free to Good Home - Sweet, Live Outside, Good Guard Dogs
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Dog Guard® is an electronic dog fencing system that is installed underground by burying a single wire as a complete loop along the entire perimeter of your property. This underground boundary can also include or exclude certain portions of your yard, such as a pool or garden. Your dog is safely contained within your yard and allowed to roam free with sections of your yard blocked to keep your garden and landscaping safe. Your dog can even be trained to stay out of your pool! Dogs live to run free, and keeping your dog safe in your yard gives you both the freedom to relax when you are outside.Lots of patience and time! 🙂 We started with the dogs on the leash during feeding time and free-range time. Introduced them to the chickens gradually so they learned first not to hurt them. Then we progressed on to guarding them. Again, patience and time. For us it has been well worth the effort in the long run. I can leave the hens to free range with the dogs in attendance. They have protected them well on several occasions.