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From April 11-17, treat your dog to a FREE preview of DOGTV all week long (Ch. 354).
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If sports are your thing then is the source for satisfying your competition cravings. Nobody in the East Idaho area knows how to hook you up with the best of of DirecTV than the local professionals at Big Dog TV & Internet. Watch every NFL game all season long with the NFL Sunday Ticket, free to new subscribers of the many qualifying packages.
Supposed to be a free preview of dog tv. My receiver says i have to activate it. Same thing last time they offered a 'free' preview.
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There’s no reason your dog has to feel lonely or bored while you’re away. DOGTV is the world’s first channel just for dogs, and it’s exclusive to DIRECTV. It gives canines 24/7 companionship, dog-friendly music, and something to look at besides the front door as they wait for you to come home. DIRECTV has planned a FREE preview of DOGTV during the 4th of July holiday weekend, so you can leave Fido at home during the BBQs, boat rides, and fireworks shows. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download the free app DOGTV Anywhere by PTV Media LTD, get iTunes now.
Photo provided by FlickrI have an HDTV and DogTV had a 1 week free period on directTV, so I tried it.
Photo provided by FlickrFor exactly 1 year, people and dogs were able to experience the first TV channel for dogs, for free
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During this 30 day campaign, you can get DOGTV for your dog as well as bonus sweet goodies including the DOGTV T-shirt, Freezbie, Waterbowl, Calendar, and the DOGTV Music Soundtrack download! Available only for a limited-time.
The ideal demographic for DogTV is stay-at-home dogs and the owners who feel guilty about leaving them alone all day. The commercial-free programming is divided into three categories, all designed to keep dogs calm and occupied while their people are away. There are relaxing scenes of dogs walking through sun-dappled woods; stimulating scenes of dogs chasing other dogs; and "exposure" scenes of dogs dealing with doorbells, delivery men, children and other doggy distractions.DogTV, a television channel created for dogs to watch with or without their humans, is making its world debut in San Diego. The channel began airing Feb. 13 on Cox and . Cox customers can find it on Channel 2635. Time Warner customers can find it On Demand in the "My Pet" area. It will be free for a limited time, but will eventually be available by subscription for about $4.99 a month. It freezes up a lot. If I'm with the dog I can usually get it going again. But I want this for my dogs to watch when I'm at work. Some times I can't get the video to restart at all. I've used it on my LG Smart Tv, MacBook, and iOS device. Same problems across all devices. Finally, there's not a lot that interests the dogs. I got a free one month trial. I don't plan to renew. Mostly my dog loves to watch this but I get tired of having to reset because of the app freezing up. Today it's unusable because after I keep resetting it, it plays the same two minutes of video and freezes again. Can't leave it on at home for the dogs either because it does the same on the Apple TV. So I always come home to a frozen screen that has been stuck for who knows how long and then I have to worry about burn in on my new OLED TV. I recommend this app to a lot of people and now they tell me they have the same issue. Also, they play too much stuff my dog gets bored with like light shows. They want to see animals, not kaleidoscopes. Will be canceling my subscription when it expires. Big Dog TV & Internet is a premier retailer in the nation for As such, we make it fast and easy to get you signed up and installed with DirecTV. We provide several walk-in locations across the midwest and western United States to visit face to face with a customer care specialist. If walking in isn’t your thing, then feel free to give us a call at anytime and you can speak with a live local customer care representative to answer any and all questions. Our team members are anxious to help you select the right television package for your specific needs. Big Dog TV & Internet prides itself in getting the best programming for your unique lifestyle and entertainment preferences, all at a price you can afford. And with DirecTV options ranging from the DirecTV Choice package to the ever-popular ultimate pack. The options are seemingly endless. Get signed up today by selecting your preferred option above and experience how easy it is to get your DirecTV service installed and in your living room.