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High fiber dog treats may have a number of benefits and may be recommended to certain dogs
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Unique low sodium, reduced fat, high fiber treat - 25% fewer calories than other dog treats - great for diabetic dogs, older dogs or dogs on restricted diets
High Fiber Dog Treats
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Canned pumpkin, which is in puree form, contains lots of dietary fiber which can absorb the excess water in your dog’s stool; thus, making his poop more firm. This makes it perfect for when your dog has diarrhea. Interestingly, the same product can treat constipation. Canned pumpkin can also help in softening Fido’s stool and cure his upset stomach in an instant. No wonder, this common item for consumption is regarded as one of the best natural remedies to our pet’s stomach problems. Aside from that, canned pumpkin can also make a tasty, healthy addition to dog treats. Recipes for Pet Treats: Pumpkin Pie Dog Biscuits Are Full of Fiber
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The name has less to do with the turkey flavor and more to do with how your dog will react. Like all Beggar Dog® Biscuits, Gobbled Up treats are high in protein and fiber and contain no preservatives, corn, or soy.Three-Ingredient Pumpkin Dog Treats That Fido Will Love! Pumpkin is a healthy source of fiber and nutrients for dogs. It helps them digest meat and bones, especially when they are on a raw food diet. More importantly, pumpkin is a natural remedy for, well, flatulence in dogs. It’s not a pretty subject to read about, but it’s even less pleasant to experience in person. #sponsored Chloe's Treats was started with the mission of creating a healthy and nutritious treat that we could give to our dog Chloe throughout her life. Chloe loves the taste of these treats so much that we named them after her! We love that she gets not only a great source of protein but also something environmentally sustainable and rich in fiber and nutrients. It started as an experiment baking with cricket protein but soon it became a labor of love when our friends asked for treats for their own dogs. At Chloe’s you can be assured that your pet is as much a part of our family as they are of yours. High fiber dog treats may have a number of benefits and may berecommended to certain dogs. However, these treats might not be beneficial for dogs with certain health problems. Treats that are high in fibers may have adverse effects.By starting each recipe with cricket protein, we're able to create a protein first dog treat that contains all essential amino acids as well as being rich in fiber, calcium, iron, B-vitamins, and of course protein. Crickets are also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.Certain dogs may not tolerate high fiber dog treats, because they maycause diarrhea. Fibers may be a solution to constipation and diarrhea as well. However, in some dogs, an excessive amount of fibers will lead to constant . You need to consult your vet prior to administering any treats that are high in fibers.