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Feminine Shotgun Shell Dog Collar - Shotgun Shell Dog Collar - Leather Shotgun Shell Dog Collar - Girly Shotgun Shell Dog Collar - Hunting Dog Collar !!!READ BEFORE ORDERING!!!: Please measure in inches. Please measure your dogs neck snugly and use a fabric measuring tape. If you can slide a finger in between the measuring tape and your dogs neck, it is too loose. If you are pinching their neck or folding skin it is too tight. When measuring a dog with long hair, leave the hair as it would…
Pink Leather Boxer Collar with Vintage Oval Plates for Female Dogs.
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Our extensive line of puppy collars and collars for male and female dogs are available in a full spectrum of sizes, ranging from extra small to extra extra large, and come in a tremendous variety of styles. Our dog collars selection contains holiday and seasonal collars for keeping with traditions. Sports fans and current event buffs will love our sports team, patriotic and political collars for showing your spirit. For safety and convenience we have lighted and quick release collars. For pure fashion sense and individual tastes, we offer an enormous choice of party, animal print, embroidered, leather, studded, jeweled and spiked dog collars. Don't forget to check out our popular Martingale collars. Get Pink Leather German Shepherd Collar | Female Dog Collars
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Photo provided by FlickrGet Pink Leather Dog Collar | Female Dog Collars | Handmade
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Whether you have a boy dog (male dog) or a girl dog (female dog), a tiny dog, a small dog, a mid-sized medium or a large dog / a big dog, or even a giant dog, we have a perfect dog collar for you. We have leather collars, plain, braided, spiked, studded,... any style, color or pattern you can imagine! Solid colors, as well as colorful patterns. Handmade designer dog collars, as well as simple and cheap dog collars.The mixed-decoration type of dog collars is perfect for those dog owners, who want to show their sense of style to everybody! You can check , or , with skulls and spikes (), or even more you'll find on our website. Also, we have a special collection of pink leather dog collars with spikes for female dog walking and elegant white leather dog collars with spikes for he/she dogs walking. If you have any questions or difficulties in choosing a proper canine collar for your pet, please, .