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Jun 10, 2017 - Portable Dog Fence | Indoor Dog Kennels | Extra Large Indoor Dog Kennel
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The best large dog crates have a wide variety of features: indoor/outdoor convenience, a lightweight yet durable frame, a washable fabric exterior, and breezy doors and windows for your pet’s comfort. And lest you live with an escape artist, you can rest easy with this portable kennel, which is very secure, thanks to the extra-strong steel frame and tightly woven mesh panels, made from fabric that’s 10 times stronger than what you’ll find in most other crates.
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Dakota 283 brings yet another solid kennel to the game with the line of G3 crates. Each one is created using the rotational molding process which forms a single-shell product that will flex slightly but resist surface abrasions and extreme impacts. It is the same process used to make military-strength cargo containers and heavy-duty fuel cells so you know it's tough. The deep, wide interior of the Extra Large size is enough to hold big dogs and animals like Great Danes and even some Mastiffs. The G3 is optimally dimensioned to allow enough space to stand and maneuver while still providing support and fitting most SUVs, trucks and hatchbacks. If your pet has an "accident" the plastic is easily rinsed and the small, rear-facing holes allow for easy drainage. There's plenty of air circulation and thanks to the double-hinged door, access is never a problem. The door can swing from right or left and can be completely removed with ease from the outside. On the top you'll find a large grip-handle that makes lifting and maneuvering the Kennebec G3s a snap. The walls are tough and rugged, able to absorb impacts while the corners remain virtually impervious to crushing, cracking and other damage. These crates can also be stacked to save room in indoor areas with a separately sold stacking kit. This is ideal if space is limited and dogs are plenty. If you care about the safety and comfort of your pets, get a Kennebec Kennel G3 today. Jun 10, 2017 - Dog Crate End Table | Indoor Dog Kennels | Extra Large Dog Crate
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Results 1 - 24 of 3397 - Petnation Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home, 36-Inch, for Pets up to 70 Pounds ... Extra Large 48" Folding Pet Dog Cat Crate Cage Kennel With ...I have waited about 6 months to write my review to see if I noticed anything I would change or didn’t like. They have been a fantastic addition to both or bedroom and our family room.
I wondered if my dog would have a hard time transitioning from his old crate to this one and without even asking him to kennel he went right in. I would have loved to get him the largest option but thankfully before construction we measured and realized we couldn’t get it through the bedroom door. He is about 80 pounds and had surgery on his leg when he was younger which made me want the extra room to move around. While I wish I could have fit the other size this size does work for us. Sometimes I find him curled up in there on his own.
As I mentioned I changed my order. Bethany was very accommodating and wanted to make sure I was happy with my custom kennel. I give both Bethany and Brody A+ for customer service as well as craftsmanship. Thank you both for creating a beautiful piece of furniture that doubles as a home for my dog when I am not home. It looks fantastic AND keeps him safe. When you need something all of the time for destructive dogs this is the way to go for sure!