Are Electric Fences Safe for Dogs?

This post will go over some reasons NOT to use an electric fence for dogs.
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I don't agree with electric fences but saying that dogs are "regularly stolen" for dog fighting rings and medical research seems a little far fetched.
To know more about electric fences for dogs, watch this video on YouTube.
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We live on a farm with a country road that is seeing more traffic due to the addition of a golf course on our road. Our dogs, Heeler and Labradoodle, are inside pets but go to the barn with us for chores. Unfortunately, if a car slows down on the road in front of our home, they run out to visit. This has created a problem as it seems everyone slows down as they drive by. Is there a system, wireless or otherwise, that can be run straight across the front of the yard (and U drive) approx. 200 ft., without running it around the whole outside of the farm? Our dogs don’t go through a pasture onto the road, only through the front yard and U drive. I think they’ve had too many run-ins with electric fencing and prefer to avoid the pastures, so they are contained with the exception of straight out the front yard/driveway. I am also wondering if this same fencing could be portable enough for us to pick up and take with us camping (to lay on the ground and circle our trailer), to contain our dogs around our campsite. Am I expecting too much? And, two collars, one system. So, how much are electric fences for dogs?
Photo provided by PexelsIn a nutshell, the price of electric fence for dogs varies from $200 to $400 or more.
Photo provided by FlickrNext, try to find out which electric dog fence is appropriate for your dog’s weight. Because all fence systems don’t support same weights.
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At first blush it seems like a great idea for any dog. An electric fence costs hundreds instead of thousands of dollars like an actual fence would, and doesn’t mar the landscape. It allows a dog to explore the world outside without your being there to make sure he doesn’t run into the road and get killed by a car, attack passers-by, or get into scrapes with other dogs. Other benefits: an electric fence does not obstruct a dog’s view in any way, can be placed easily around even hilly, rocky, or terraced terrain, and does not need a nod from next-door neighbors or have to pass muster with any local regulatory boards who set standards for fence height and placement.This is why you attend your HOA meetings. First off, I don't have a dog so this had zero impact on me. Yet, much entertainment was had from watching people argue over it. The HOA wants to get rid of electric fences because a few dogs run through them thus making them useless. Thus if your dog is outside it must be fenced (metal fences per HOA can be easily 20-10k depending on yard) or on a leash. The fighting came in because several people called electric fences cruel. Others said more deaths have happened from dogs left out on leashes than related to electric fences (not sure factual, but was said in meeting). Are electric fences really cruel or a reasonable option? Looking for dog owners thoughts. Invisible fences are effective most of the time. Some pet owners opt for an electric fence because other alternatives have failed to keep their dog inside (the dog either climbs over or digs under a traditional fence). In most cases, dogs quickly learn to stay within the boundary line to avoid the warning signal and subsequent shock. "Tap" is my word for it. Because with the system I elected, it's really not the zap you might expect from a device designed to administer an electric current for correction. Instead, it's more of a tap-tap sort of prickle sensation. But it's true that not all dogs are as willing as mine to fear the simple tap-tap and forever avoid the fence line. (In fact, I think mine are more than willing to stop at the sound of the warning beep.) Some need to have the setting for the machine cranked up to its highest level. All dogs are different.