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Foster & Smith Dura-Ruff® Nylon Adjustable Quick-Klip Dog Collars
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Dog Supplies: Dog Collars & Leads - Drs. Foster and Smith
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Slip collar leads are best for GSDs that create troubles during the walk. will help you get a better control over your dog. If your dog tries to struggle and run towards other animals in the park, just pull the leash from sideways. Do not pull the leash from the back as your dog will apply the same force in forward direction. However, pulling from the side will keep your dog from running or dragging you along. is a support for a slip collar as it keeps it on top of your dog’s neck. A GSD’s neck is very sensitive, and when you apply a little force on the leash, the collar tightens and makes your dog uneasy. As a result, it stops struggling or misbehaving. If your slip collar doesn’t work too well, you can use pack leader collar to give support to the collar. It works really well for strong GSDs that pull on the leash. Dog Supplies: Dog Collars & Leads - Doctors Foster and Smith
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These leads can be helpful when you don't have another leash available, but shouldn't be used on a day-to-day basis. A slip lead looks like a regular flat leash, except it has a metal ring on one end instead of a clip. You pass the handle end of the leash through the metal ring to form a loop. Then you put the loop over your dog's head. Pulling on the handle tightens the loop around your dog's neck. A slip lead allows you to walk your dog on leash when he's not wearing his collar.I personally have tried many different leashes and leads. I have also used a choke collars to train my german Shepherds in the past. This leash is by far the best one that I have come across. The leash has an excellent grip, which gives the handler full control, and has the cushion that you place around your dogs neck that will not allow the leash to rub against its trachea which can be damaging to your dog. I highly recommend this product.