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Keep your dog dry, warm and stylish with coats for dogs from The Pet Boutique. Our collection of jackets for dogs is a great way to protect your dog from rain and snow any time of year.
These rain jackets for dogs are so cute and so handy. I really liked the red iPet hooded waterproof jacket.
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But regardless of your dog’s size or age, when dressing your dog in a jacket, make sure to watch their behavior for signs of overheating. According to , these signs can be excessive panting, scratching at the clothing, or just a general lack of enthusiasm when the jacket is on. It’s also a good idea to stick to jackets that are zipper-less and waterproof to keep your pup dry and warm in the snowy months. Good to know we have jackets for dogs. Although I wouldn’t take them out if it’s raining, these would be great for emergencies.
Photo provided by Flickr4-legged provides dog jackets which keep your dogs warm during winter months. Also find dog life jackets from our store..
Photo provided by FlickrDogs might want to stay outside a little longer when protected by this double-layer jacket
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When it’s cold out, we always make sure to bundle up in a hat, gloves, and a nice warm coat. This protects us from the cold and the snow and makes going out and about no problem at all. A dog’s coat of fur works like a coat that we wear, keeping him warm and protecting him from the elements, but sometimes his fur isn’t enough (which is probably why you're looking for the best dog jackets). A nice can help your pet stay warm, protect him from the cold, and can make look stylish as can be.Owners who like a classy pet coat should consider the from Ethical Pet Products. The 59XL model and size is ideal for large dogs. Ethical Pet Products created the jacket with the pet's ultimate comfort in mind, designing it with soft sherpa lining and a faux suede external layer. To enhance the look, the jacket features shiny metal buttons. If it becomes dirty, owners can simply toss it into the washing machine, dry it, and have it ready for their next outdoor play session or walk with their pet.This jacket is perfect for active dogs because of its reflective properties. If your dog likes to play and run around outside the reflective stripe will make it easy to find him again.For the ultimate in stylish petwear for cold weather, owners can look to the Hip Doggie HD-5CPSC, a classic shearling leatherette coat. The faux leather exterior contrasts beautifully with the ivory color of the shearling collar, cuffs, and hem. Owners who enjoy retro details should appreciate the 70s-era collar. On the back, the jacket includes a D-ring for attaching a lead. The coat is available in a full range of sizes from XS to XL, with special sizes for and other very small dogs. The heavy, warm nature of the coat makes it ideal for cold winter weather but too warm for spring or fall.Hip Doggie is a top brand that produces many popular . Their styles reflect the fashionable styles that owners themselves may be wearing. However, each style incorporates design and tailoring elements intended to enhance the pet's comfort. For instance, the Hip Doggie HD-5SABR, or Swiss Alpine Jacket, resembles a ski vest. Although it includes a furry hood, owners can detach the hood if their dog does not like it. The jacket fits snugly around the dog's chest and covers the back, while leaving plenty of room just in front of the hind legs. The outer shell of the jacket repels water while the inside boasts a cozy fleece lining. Velcro closures and washable materials make this product convenient and versatile for owners.The Reversible Nor'easter Dog Coat offers a high level of quality at an affordable price. Buyers praise the coat highly, claiming that their dogs seemed much more comfortable on cold walks when wearing this Zack & Zoey product. Several different sizes, ranging from XXS to XXL are available, and it includes Velcro fastenings for easily adjusting the garment. The dog jacket features a double-layered design, with a waterproof exterior and a soft, fluffy interior made of fleece. A reflective stripe around the edges of the garment offer additional safety for late night trips. It comes in a few different colors, including navy and chive. On the back, near the dog's right hip, is a pawprint detail.