Available Dogs for Adoption | Austin Boxer Rescue - Part 4

PAWS of Austin has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Austin, TX.
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Please check out all of the dogs we have on our adoption page - maybe they would make a great addition to your family! We would always like to find the right home for every dog. Because all of our dogs are in foster homes, we usually know if a dog will be happiest with other dogs or without other dogs in the home, if they will be okay with cats, and if they'll be okay with children.
Austin Pets Alive! has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Austin, Texas.
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Our goal is to find families that will best match each dogs temperament and personally. We all know that in many cases, the look, breed or size of the dog is sometimes our first consideration when searching for a new family member. But we would like for our adopting families to be open to exploring the many dogs that you and the ADR Team believe may be a prefect match for your family, as well as those sweet furry faces that bring a spark to our hearts!WE DO NOT HAVE A CENTRAL LOCATION OR SHELTER. All of our dogs are fostered in the homes of our volunteers where they are loved and well cared for. Please visit our website for more information about ADR and the dog we have looking for a second chance!Austin Dog Rescue Relocation Rescue has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Austin, Texas.
Photo provided by FlickrAustin Dog Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Austin, Texas.
Photo provided by FlickrAustin Boxer Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Austin, Texas.
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Blue Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, charitable organization that works to find permanent, loving homes for at-risk homeless dogs in the Central Texas area, all the while preparing them for the best possible relationship with you! Most of our dogs come from Central Texas shelters where they might not have a chance at adoption due to size, color, breed, or medical condition. Because we are a network of foster families, there is no shelter facility. Individuals interested in adopting a dog must fill out an adoption application available on the dog's website page.With more than 500 available cats and dogs every day, we’re sure to have the right pet for your family. At Austin Animal Center, you can find all breeds, ages, types and personality types. To expedite your adoption, complete a .The mission and vision for Texas Sweeties Dog Rescue is to save dogs of all sizes and all breeds by placing them into loving, forever homes. We are an all-volunteer, foster home based, certified 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization based in Austin, TX. We do not have a physical shelter. Instead, we operate primarily through our foster homes, online databases and at adoption events/expos. The majority of our animals come from animal control groups and open admission shelters throughout Texas, where overcrowding and overpopulation lead to the euthanasia of millions of healthy, friendly pets every year.Austin Boxer Rescue is in need of foster homes in the Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. Foster homes allow us time to evaluate dogs fully, work on basic obedience, crate and housetraining, and help acclimate Boxers to their future homes. As a foster we will find a dog that best meets you personal situation, wether it be kids, cats, other dogs, etc. We will only place a dog that you are comfortable with for the timeline you specify. Austin Boxer Rescue will cover any medical needs, we simply ask that you cover the basics of food and toys. Foster homes are vital to Recue, it allows us to learn more about the dogs, provide them stable enviroments until they are adopted, and allows for us to accept more dogs into the rescue. If you can help us please visit our site and click on to learn more. Texas Little Cuties(TLC) Rescue is a 501(3)(c) non profitorganization that typically rescues our dogs & cats from local shelters as well astaking in strays. TLC is an all-volunteer animal rescue organizationthatspecializes in saving little cuties scheduled to be euthanized becauseshelters lack room and funding. These animals are wonderful and they areonly put down because they have no owners to claim & adopt them intime. They are all waiting for that miraculous second chance inlife that they so deserve.Unfortunately, even though every attempt has been made to ensure thatthe dogs we have are healthy, it is impossible to guarantee animal'shealth. Many diseases may not show any signs for days or even weeks. Ifsigns of illness are not shown while the animal is in our custody, wemay not be aware of any illnesses. Furthermore, we cannot predict if adog may develope health conditions in the future. Because of that wewant to make sure that you are willing to accept the responsibility totake care and treat any illness or health condition that the dog youadopt may have after it has been adopted. .