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Knowing your dogs total weight gets us in the ballpark! So first and foremost, know their weight!
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Unfortunately, results of the study were very disheartening. Out of the 7 companies and 20 harnesses, only a single company provided a harness with optimal performance.

Sleepypod’s® Clickit Utility was the winner by far. According to the the Clickit harness consistently kept the test dummies in their seats, and was the only restraint to offer substantial protection. The company provides harnesses to fit small, medium and large dogs.

So please remember, not all harnesses are created equal. In fact, most harnesses are not even adequate. When choosing a harness, make sure the proper testing has been performed. If you'd like to purchase the harness that outperformed the others in this 2013 test, it can be found at .

Wishing you and you furry loved ones safe travels.
Neck: 16-36″Chest: 20-40″Waist: 16-30″
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This harness rocks! Blizzard carries medications and this harness allows me to distribute the weight evenly. Maintenence is a breeze and it has only need a few adjustments since I purchased it. The quality is exceptional and Katrina’s customer service can’t be beat. Black and Gray with Blue accents
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Handmade dog collar Marble. Made with: - 100% Cotton Fabric - Gusset inside for increased stiffness. - Nylon 1.9mm You can washing machine in coldEach breed typically has a unique body shape with variations within. Deep chest, narrow waist, shallow chest, tubular, skinny and of course plump or overweight. We know our dogs well so this should be easy.Frenchie Reversible Dog Harnesses, are designed for the best comfortable fit for French Bulldogs Pugs Boston Terrier. Double sided with fun fashionable prints.Once a dog reaches a certain age (it’s different for all) they tend to stop adding on weight. So it’s best not to apply the “they’ll grow into it” method. If your dog is losing weight, project ahead. If your dog is recovering from any number of issues, surgery, injury etc… they might be up a few pounds. Once again the harness has added length to straps to accommodate changes.Each of our harnesses has 11 separate adjustments. This is so you can adjust to meet the unique characteristics of your dog. Each harness has a broad range within its size definition. Meaning – you can adjust the chest to a deep chest or a shallow one, a narrow waist to a plump waist, our harnesses have range! This also means there are about five pounds of crossover at the top and bottom of each size. Ask for help if you are unsure.As a last note on sizing we make 2 versions of the Hip Lift, the Conventional and the “U” Band. All females and 80% of males will wear the Conventional version but those males whose penis sits further back, between their hind legs or just even with the front of the hind legs will use the “U” Band. We go into greater detail on selection on our page.We get asked this a lot and its really why we have the broad range within each size. Occasionally and with certain breeds it becomes necessary. We sell separate fronts and backs on our accessory page and all sizes will connect easily front to back as separates.Retrievers (Labs, Goldens), German Shepherds, Rotties, Irish Setters, Standard Poodles, Dalmatian, Huskies, Dobermans, Hounds, Sheep Dogs, Akitas, Airedale, Bloodhound