Doggy Pool Party and Open House SALE!!!

Doggy deck with an inground pool. I love this! Perfect for a backyard pet area. #PinMyDreamBackyard
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Moving forward, Bielawski said laminated emergency treatment cards will be in each pool room and emergency direction cards will be available to provide directions to the closest 24-hour emergency veternarian.

"We have had more than 6,000 dogs visit Doggy Paddle without incident, and yet we do wish we had been better prepared to assist Diego in his hour of need," Bielawski said.
Dog Hydrotherapy Pool - Canine Exercise Pool Designed by RipTide Pools | Doggy Swim
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Doggy Paddle offers four indoor pools of 3½ to 4 feet deep salt water, heated at 80 degrees, plus an indoor recreation area where dogs can relieve themselves before bathing and jumping into the pool. Puppy Pool Party • dog dogs puppy puppies cute doggy doggies adorable funny fun silly photography
Photo provided by PexelsThese smart dogs are beating the summer heat at Doggy Pool!Subscribe to Smiling Star
Photo provided by PexelsSoggy Doggy Pool Party
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With heat in full effect, there’s no better way to cool off on a hot day then a nice with friends. And thanks to the recent addition of their very own pool, dogs at in Maybee, Michigan will get to have a doggy pool party whenever they want. The specially designed 21×41 foot pool has a gradual entrance for easy exits for the dogs, and to dry off can head out on the park’s 7 acres of nature trails.Let us take your dog on a fun filled doggy outing with other well behaved, social dogs. Dog walking will take place at the local off-leash park (Parley’s Nature Trail/Tanner Park Gully). There are also three canyons nearby that allow dogs: Millcreek Canyon (off leash days), Neff Canyon and Ferguson Canyon. Combine this service with the doggy lounge and swimming pool, and you can rest assured knowing your dog will get a full day of excitement, exercise and most of all, fun!The Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department is hosting its 2nd Annual Soggy Doggy Pool Pawty this coming Saturday, September 10th (2016). The pool closes down at summer’s end for cleaning and maintenance, so they let all our 4-legged friends enjoy the water for this one day before the pool is drained.This public pool in Calgary, Canada is host to a super sweet doggy pool party! Dogs are invited to take a plunge after the pools closes for the season, all in an effort to raise money for charity. Have you ever seen videos of dogs leaping off the ends of docks, splashing into the water, and doggy-paddling their way back with a largemouth bass in their mouths? They didn't start out doing that. Convince Rocky that it's a good idea to play fetch, even when the item being fetched has been thrown into the water of your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wading pool, and take it from there. Cowabunga, dude! doggydocks® Floating Water Ramp for Dogs is the "Original Floating Dog Ramp" which allows dogs to get out of the water onto a boat platform, boat dock, or swimming pool deck without assistance. No other system is safe, easier, or as much fun as doggydocks®.