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This ingenious bolstered couch protector doubles as a soft, indulgent bed for your dog.
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"Dear Apartment Therapy,
It being Pet Month, I thought I'd send you a question I've long had but have yet to find an effective answer for. I own a couple of large mutts who liked to park their behinds onto a favorite couch. They don't smell bad themselves, but over time the couch has taken a musty-funky odor (drool?). The couch has been replaced and moved to another room where the dogs don't come into, and now I'm trying to get rid of the years of dog smell. I've used pet odor sprays and Febreeze, but I can tell these just cover up the smell. I tested a patch with and also tried , but that didn't work well and just made a mess. Any other recommendations?"

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Shop JCPenney for all of your pet car needs! We know the upkeep of your pets is extremely important to you. You want them to have the best of the best. After all, they are a member of your family! Dogs and cats in poor health that are very small, or older often have a hard time getting on to beds and couches. Pet stairs are a great addition to your home because they allow your pet to easily reach the places they want to go. We know you love having your pet with you everywhere you go, but there are times when you need to keep them out of a room. A stylish pet gate won’t clash with your décor and will limit your pet’s access to certain areas. Feeders and water bowls have gotten high tech! Replenish food and water with automatic feeders and water bowls. dog couch covers | Home Dog Beds Sure Fit Soft Suede Waterproof Sofa Throw Cover
Photo provided by FlickrI've got to figure out how to make one of these and get the dog off of MY couch.
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If you have a “sofa dog,” you know how nice it can be to curl up with your canine in front of the TV. No doubt, your dog loves it, too. If you’re away, he may also find comfort on the couch because it smells like you. But are sofa privileges a good idea? Aside from the extra wear and tear on your furniture, there are a few behavioral factors to consider.The Dallas Faux Leather dog sofa bed sits on the ground, lacking any legs to raise it up. This means that while the design is cute, it won’t end up resembling a real piece of furniture, like many of the other dog couch beds here.Also keep in mind materials and your dog’s temperament. Is your dog a destructive chewer? Most dog sofa beds aren’t made to withstand heavy chewing, so you may want to consider a over a more fashionable, yet fragile, dog couch bed.Your big dog will love lounging on this plush XL dog couch from Hidden Valley. Done in neutral combinations of durable microsuedes and taupe polar fleece. It will blend in perfectly with any design theme, and the removable cover makes cleaning a cinch. It’s a common misconception that allowing dogs on the furniture will “ruin” their temperament. There is no magic respect switch that is flipped in a dog’s brain when they are not allowed on the furniture, and we’ve seen thousands of dogs maintain perfectly sweet and polite dispositions while enjoying the couch and bed with their people. No use depriving them just because that episode of the Dog Whisperer said so. Instead, think of it as a personal decision.If you wish to share the couch or bed with your dog, that’s ok! Just keep in mind that, like all other rewards, couches and beds are a privilege best controlled by the humans in the house. Here are some simple tips and guidelines on how to do just that: