Even Charlie Trotter's does doggie bags.

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“If all your tables are leaving with doggie bags, you have a quantity problem in your plates,” said Wilfried Champin, the headwaiter at Tapeo, a Spanish-influenced restaurant that overlooks the Saône River in a sleek new mall in Lyon.
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Recently ate at Dinosaur BBQ I purposely ordered a meal larger than i felt like finishing solely to bring home the leftover rack of ribs- at the conclusion of the meal our server brought a styrofoam “to go” container and I could nt have been happier-guess those who read this blog and are offended by doggie bags probably dont “do” BBQ joints! “I adore the U.S. and I adore doggy bags,” she answered.
Photo provided by Flickr"Doggie bags" are not common in .
Photo provided by FlickrIt would be great if in Germany doggy bags were as “normal” as in the U.S. – in all restaurants!
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Doggie-Bags West has the solution! Doggie–Bags are stored in easy–to–maintain dispensers for in–home and commercial use. Place in a convenient location in your house, or find them posted at locations wherever dog owners walk their dogs. At parks and recreation areas, at schoolyards and playgrounds, at condos and apartments, at campgrounds and ski areas, at the dog groomers and the vet clinics.PARIS – French people who travel to the United States are often taken aback by the size of food portions. As a Franco-American, I knew this, but reporting on a campaign to promote doggie bags in Lyon and its region made it much clearer.Doggibags has a large collection of different styles, colors and sizes of handbags that are perfect for every occasion or event. We try to keep our line fresh and new with only ones that are a little different than the normal dull ones you find elsewhere.I’d encountered this system a few times before, and always thought it considerate and wise. But I mention it here not just for that reason. I mention it as a pivot into the whole subject of doggie bags, a phrase that’s of course misleading. I’d bet that more humans than canines snack on these remainders.Amid economic turmoil, growing consciousness about environmental waste and widening acceptance of ‘takeout culture,’ authorities in France are now trying to combat long-held stereotypes surrounding doggie bags.Doggie bags strike me as a very personal thing. I know diners who never, ever ask for them, fearful that they’ll come across as overly thrifty or piggy if they tote home three ounces of pork loin and four spears of asparagus. I know diners who always ask for the leftovers, believing it wasteful not to try — or at least to intend — to put them to good use.Doggibags not only offers attractive clothing and stunning jewelry, we also carry a variety of accessories including eye-catching ladies belts and handsome belts for men, beautiful wine glasses and serving pieces (carving sets and several shapes and sizes of fun wine stoppers).The Doggibags clothing line is different than what you will find in any other boutique because we are very careful about what we carry. We specialize in casual-dress for the sophisticated woman. Every piece of clothing is specifically chosen so that the line remains constant.