Keep your dog safe with our selection of dog life jackets.

Kayaking dogs. For dogs that swim or boat, make sure your dogs are safe with life jackets.
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Pros: Very versatile, with the ability to serve as a water vest, rain jacket, or light coat. Is stylish and slim fitting compared to other life jackets for dogs.
Whisky is ready for the remake. SeaDog Pro Life Jacket with Clip-on Water Activated LED Light:
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Very versatile, with the ability to serve as a water vest, rain jacket, or light coat. Is stylish and slim fitting compared to other life jackets for dogs. I think you touched on a great niche here with lifejackets designed especially for dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrThe  comes , with a perfect 5 star rating and over 100 reviews! The most fun about this doggie life jacket? It comes in 4 different fun colors!
Photo provided by FlickrNow that you’ve got your life jackets, here are some other points to keep in mind to make the best of your outing with your dog.
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This is an amazing Fido Float that aids your dog when in water. It has been made so that your dog does not feel any discomfort when wearing it, for instance it has a collar-to –tail zipper that allows you to put it easily on your dog and also take it easily off. To help in visibility its color is orange and it has a reflective label. It provides your dog with much comfort. Certain individuals state that this precise lifejacket cannot last too long particularly if you employ it a lot.

You now have an idea about the top 10 best dog life jackets. It will be easier to pick the perfect one for your precious pet.Even if your pooch is a great swimmer, a life jacket for dogs is an important piece of dog safety equipment every owner should have handy. Whether it's from tiring out or getting caught on undergrowth, the water poses a serious risk for your dog. Just like our children, we don't let our dogs in the water without one. Why do dogs need life jackets? Don’t they know how to swim? Some dogs do know how to swim and really enjoy the water, but most dogs are not naturally good swimmers. Even for dogs that are good swimmers there can be a number of factors that might make it difficult for them to swim. Rough water, bad weather conditions, fatigue, or distractions can all lead to tragedy when a dog is in the water. It’s not just open water that can cause problems for dogs either. Even in a contained setting like a pool or a lake a dog can have trouble swimming. That’s why you need to have a life jacket for your dog with you at all times when you’re near any type of water.With summer just around the corner, it's time to think about water safety. If you've ever wondered if a life jacket is really necessary for your dog, the answer is YES! Sadly, each year, thousands of dogs die in swimming pools. () These numbers don't even reflect the number of drownings in rivers, lakes and oceans. Life jackets for dogs are important, no matter how strong a swimmer you think your best buddy might be. Even if you don’t usually take your dog in the water or near the water there should be at least one life jacket for dogs in your first aid kit both at home and in your vehicle. With the number of record breaking storms increasing each year there’s a good chance that at some point you will encounter a storm that will cause flooding, and in any type of emergency flood situation, your dog will need a life jacket.Many people assume all dogs are good swimmers, and that's not necessarily true. While certain breeds are better at swimming than others, there are dogs like Bulldogs and other canines, such as Pugs and Boston Terriers, that don't fare as well in water. Due to their heavy heads and chests, they tire easily and can sink like a stone. For these breeds and others that are not natural swimmers, it's especially important to outfit them with life jackets and make sure they fit properly.