Miniature box - dog with straw hat and sunglasses

Dog dressed as mafia gangster with black hat and sunglasses golden retriever
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How to train your dog to wear sunglasses for funny pictures- Ninja is my 8 year old Lab/Akita and she loves training time because she gets so much love and attention. :) Have your dog sit down and relax a bit. Let them check the sunglasses out. They will be curious about them, so let them sniff away. Gently say "Stay" and put them on your dog's face. If they swat them off, gently repeat the previous step. Once they get that you want them to sit still, reward them with a treat and lots of petting. Do this for maybe 5 minutes at a time and take breaks so the don't get bored. Eventually, you can stay backing away as they are wearing the sunglasses to be sure they have it down. It took Ninja about 30 minutes to get it and now she does it every time. :)
Dog Olde English Bulldog that works to carry bags and then you have to protect themselves from the sun, with both sunglasses and hat
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In whilst Monty was waiting outside the sweet shop for Simon he stepped onto the road and was nearly hit by a cyclist. When Simon came out of the shop the man on the bike said "What that dog needs is a pair of glasses!" The following day Simon removed the lenses from an old pair of sunglasses and gave them to Monty to remind him to be more careful. Simon did not think that Monty is short sighted but the family agree he looked more handsome with the glasses. In there was talk of having a barbecue if the weather held on so Monty did his fair weather act to encourage Mr Sprod. Unfortunately for the humans it rained but Monty got the uneaten sausages. In Monty followed Simon and Josie to school wondering what it was like. He lost sight of them when they got there so he went into the staffroom and rested in an armchair. A pupil came in to hand in some lost property and saw Monty so she spread the news round the playground. When Simon and Josie heard the rumours of a dog with glasses in the staffroom they realised that it could only be Monty and went to claim him. Mrs Prendlethorpe the headmistress made it clear that Monty was not to come back to school but let him stay for the rest of the school day. In after posting letters and carrying a newspaper home with Josie Monty got a chocolate biscuit for being helpful. Monty heard that Simon was supposed to return a library book so he did it himself to try to get another biscuit. He dropped the book in a puddle but returned it anyway. The librarian took the damaged book and wrote a note for Monty to take back home. It was a fine for the damage so Monty did not get any biscuits for it. In Monty was excited about Father Christmas coming and thought he would give him Walnut Whips if he helped him. Monty saw a man with a sack in the living room thinking it must be a burglar he bit him on the ankle but it turned out to be just Mr Sprod. In Mrs Sprod left Monty outside the supermarket whilst she went shopping. Monty got bored and decided to have a go on one of the trolleys so he slipped out of his collar to which he was tethered. A woman came and took the trolley but did not notice Monty until it was emptied at the checkout. The manager took Monty to his office and looked after him until Mrs Sprod claimed him. Miniature box - dog with straw hat and sunglasses.
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At Le Pouf it is a staff policy that you don’t wear a hat or sunglasses when entering an animal’s home. I like to tell people that dogs are naturally xenophobic unless socialized otherwise. Xenophobia is a disproportionate fear or hatred of the strange or different. This is why dogs often react to people in hats, head scarfs, sunglasses, costumes, and people carrying children on their shoulders. When they see these altered humans they aren’t sure if they are in fact still human, and if their positive experiences with humans still apply. Keep the funky accessories to a minimum if you know you’ll be around dogs, or at least greet them looking normal and let them watch you put the hat/sunglasses/mask on. And for heavens sake don’t carry your child on your shoulders at a dog park.You may have seen celebrity’s dogs wearing sunglasses on the pages of magazines. Now, it is entirely possible for your dog to have the same classy and protective eyewear as those spoiled celebrity dogs. Poochie Heaven now has doggie sunglasses that are affordable and fashionable for every dog owner and every dog. Puppy glasses not only look great, but they also provide quality protection from the sun’s harmful rays while your dog plays outside. Dog Glasses are great for those dogs that enjoy doing outdoor activities with you.