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Automatic water dispensers for dogs, also called dog – or pet – drinking fountains, and other water dispensing devices like lick valves, automatic water bowls and water coolers, can help you encourage your pooch to drink enough water throughout the day, even when you’re working late or spending the night away from home. We do not, of course, encourage you to leave your pup alone for the night but sometimes emergencies do require us to be away longer than we’d anticipated. There are many options for automatic dog water fountains and other pet water dispensers, but all offer the same general benefits: convenience, fresher water and improved health for your best friend.
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Automatic dog waterers are dog water bowls that provide your pup with ongoing, regular access to clean drinking water. Automatic dog waterers are especially useful for owners who don’t want to constantly be refilling their dog’s water bowls. 491 items - Find cheap dog watering bowls automatic for free shipping, worldwide delivery.
Photo provided by FlickrHave you ever seen those dog watering bowls that automatically refill using an inverted water tank
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Automatic waterers are a great way to provide your dog with a constant supply of fresh, clean and cool water. The majority of what we classify as automatic waterers are designed so you can screw them onto a hose or connect them directly to a water pipe. Buckets and bowls don't offer this convenience.A bowl-style automatic waterer is self-explanatory to your dog. You put the bowl out there and if your dog is used to drinking out of a bowl, they will use it. Alternatively, a Lixit actually takes a bit of training. The easiest way is to take some peanut butter and put it on the end of the water release lever. Since most dogs love peanut butter, your dog will start to lick it and the water will run out.Algae growth is the biggest problem that you have got to watch out for, whether you use bowls, buckets, or an automatic waterer. Although treated city water isn't supposed to have algae, once you set it outside it is exposed to organic material in the air which can lead to algae growth. The best way to fight this is to keep your dog's water in the shade. Since the shade changes over the course of a day, you should carefully consider your kennel location and water location.Automatic Watering Bowls – These are generally used outside because they connect to a hose. However, if you have somewhere inside where you can connect the bowl to a hose, then this will work indoors as well. The downside to these bowls is that they tend to become dirty very quickly with food, dust, pet hair and other debris, just like traditional water bowls with standing water. This type of automatic water bowl works on the same principle as most toilet tanks do: a hose connects the bowl to a faucet, and a float and valve work to maintain the water level inside the bowl. If you go with this option and have larger dogs, be sure to get a sturdy bowl to prevent your pups from flipping the bowl over and creating a big mess.