Women and dog umbrella silhouette melted crayon art

dog leash-umbrella! I need this! Mine don’t go out in the rain unless I bring an umbrella
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A little scooter isn’t exactly a vehicle that conveys a lot of status. That’s why you have to dress it up a little with something that really shows your position, like, say some big chromed mirrors. If you really want to do it right, like this guy, you could get a specially-trained dog-valet to ride with you, holding your umbrella.
dog leash-umbrella! I need this! Mine don't go out in the rain unless I bring an umbrella
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The "dog-brella" comes with a built-in leash and will keep your dog dry in rain, sleet, or snow. Well, except for the paws. But that is a product for a different blog. The umbrella canopy is clear so that you can still keep an eye on your Fido friend. Now that we have the Pet Umbrella, the only thing we're lacking is dog galoshes.
Photo provided by FlickrSeymour Umbrella is the best way to keep your Dog nice and dry.
Photo provided by FlickrTo order the Dog Umbrella for your pooch, .
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Pet umbrellas are a great design idea for dogs and their owners. These accessories make rainy days a little brighter. Walking your dog in the rain and returning home with your dog totally wet are not fun. The Dog Umbrella is a see-through umbrella which works as a leash also, keeping your dog out of rain, but in your control.out in the rain behavioral walks the dog three times a day before school, after school, after dinner big dog lover and likes to spend time at the park psychographics this would appeal to her because her dog snickerz is very energetic and loves going outside and whenever he gets wet, he smells slogan make it rain section 2 Lucas, Rebekah, Tiyana, Junior product price place doggie umbrella It is a device used to shield any dogs from getting wet from the rain or any other type of precipitation. It consists of a strap that goes around the dog’s body, an umbrella that goes on the back side of the strap and the dog, and a clear curtain like shield that blocks the rain, but still gives the dog visibility of its surroundings. This product comes in all shapes and sizes so whether you have a Chihuahua or a St. Bernard, any type of dog will have a fit for this product. Our company will price this product at 19.99. This includes all of the parts that come with it that consist of the strap, umbrella, and the curtain. We want to price it this way to make the customers think that they are getting a bargain. Also, we will also throw in a dog grooming comb along with the package. We will allow people to order the umbrella from the internet and from contacting our company on the telephone. We will be selling the product specifically at PETCO, and Petsmart. section 3 marketing mix ad campaign direct marketing sales promotion advertising social media marketing we will send emails to people who have previously purchased items at pet stores such as PETCO and Petsmart. To promote our product, we will have a fashion show sponsored by Gucci Bowwow. The fashion show will consist of dogs and their owners walking down the catwalk dressed in clothes and the owners of Gucci Bowwow will determine the winner. 1. One way of marketing the doggie umbrella is by internet ads. On the internet, we can use banner advertising on websites that have some sort of relation to pets and dogs. 2. Another way to promote the product using advertisements would be by television commercials. 3. The third way of advertising our product is by magazine ads. In specific animal magazines, we can display full page advertisements. facebook youtube twitterWholesale 2013 fashion Pet umbrella dog umbrella pet raincoat dog raincoat zhuaizhu dog rope dog collar, Free shipping, $10.45-13.68/Piece | DHgateParlez-vous francais? It doesn’t matter because a le dog with la baguette is so darn adorable, everyone is bound to say that your travel umbrella is le best.