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2pc SET Pet Hair Trimmer Comb Cut Dog Cat Blade Grooming Razor DIY Groom at home
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Pet Dog Cat Grooming Clippers Kit, Waterproof Rechargeable with High Precision and Low Noise Cordless Pet Hair Trimming, with 2 Combs 1 Oil Bottles 1 Brush (US) >>> Tried it! Love it! Click the image.
Stainless steel pet cat dog trimmer grooming comb brush, give your pet
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You've brushed, you've combed, now it's time to shape what's left. If you are comfortable with cutting your pet's coat, clippers and scissors will help you with everything from a little trim around the eyes to a full shearing before summer. Good nail clippers are essential to helping you take care of your dog's nails. Some dogs are active enough to wear down the nails themselves, but many require a little extra help to make sure their feet are healthy and feeling good. If you don't feel comfortable clipping or cutting at home, you can always take your dog to a professional groomer. Your groomer can also help you learn how to care for your pet's coat at home. Stainless steel pet cat dog trimmer grooming comb brush, give your pet
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When doing full scissor trims on Lhasa type dogs, or puppy cuts, try a Snap-on. There may be some unevenness, but that will diminish as your technique improves (it is vital to clip following the angle of hair in the direction of coat growth to avoid leaving marks and short spots, just as with clippers). Use the comb to get to the approximate length and then scissor over it, or use thinning shears. When starting with an overgrown coat, this can be a great time saver. Try using a longer comb and going against the grain for a smoother, more plush finish at the same length. Start with a comb a couple of sizes longer for the legs on these dogs; or for a short version, use a #4, #5, or #7 on the body and a comb on the legs.The Dog Hair Trimmer is a high-performance cordless dog hair trimmer that will keep your dog’s hair pretty trim and clean. It features a universal Snap-On pet clipper comb set which will keep your pet’s hair trimmed perfectly even if you’ve never groomed your dog before. It is packed with a titanium blade combined with a ceramic movable blade that gives you an efficient and long term cutting and trimming. The pet clipper will always keep your dog well groomed, neat and good looking. It is a good trimmer that is worth the buy.If separating and combing the mats out does not work, use scissors. Never cut the mat straight across next to the skin or slide the scissors beneath the mat. If possible, keep the comb between the scissors and your dog’s skin. Hold the scissors perpendicular to the comb and delicately slide the scissors through the mat in a sawing motion to loosen it. Or make small snips into the fur ball to loosen and remove it gradually. Although this may seem tedious, loosening the mat is easier than attempting to remove it completely all at once. Not only will it prevent you from haphazardly cutting into your dog’s coat and making the fur patchy, it will also prevent you from accidentally cutting or hurting your dog. If the mat is too large or tangled to remove with a scissors without hurting your dog, use an to remove the mat gently. When cutting mats out with trimmers, pay special attention to the area to make sure you do not cut too close to your dog’s skin.Combs, clips, trims, and shapes dogs' coats to groom dogs, using knowledge of caninecharacteristics and grooming techniques and styles: Reads written or receives oral instructions todetermine clipping pattern desired. Places dog on grooming table and fits grooming collar on dog tohold animal to table. Studies proportions of dog to determine most appropriate cutting pattern toachieve desired style. Clips dog's hair according to determined pattern, using electric clippers,comb, and barber's shears. Combs and shapes dog's coat. Talks to dog or uses other techniques tocalm animal.If your intention is to trim your dog’s fur yourself to maintain a basic cut, all you’ll need is a few good pairs of scissors and a metal dog comb: