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VirtuaVet: Treat Recipes for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs
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Sensitive stomachs in dogs are common and can be treated at home in most cases. There are various reasons dogs get upset stomachs, including eating the wrong kinds of foods, eating rotten foods or that the breed is naturally prone to sensitive stomachs. A mild upset stomach can be treated with simple changes to your dog's diet. The dog will be back to normal within a day or two.
This is perfect! Thank you! I have two dogs and one has a pretty sensitive stomach and I have to be careful with treats.
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It is extremely important, especially when putting a senior dog with a sensitive stomach on to a new dog food, to slowly transition the current food type to the new food type. Ways to Treat a Dog With a Sensitive Stomach | PetHelpful
Photo provided by FlickrDog Treats & Rawhide With Free Shipping: Sensitive Stomach - Kmart
Photo provided by FlickrDog Treats & Rawhide: Sensitive Stomach - Kmart
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Now that you have narrowed down your dog food choices to brands with reputable sources of meat, you can try narrowing down your choices even further by picking a grain free formula. For dogs with sensitive stomachs, a grain free dog formula may be your best option as often these types of dogs will have trouble digesting grains. There are many good dog food companies that sell grain free formulas, such as Blue Buffalo, and Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Dog Food. (Earthborn will also plant one tree for every 28lb bag of dog food sold if you send in the UPC). For a low carbohydrate diet try brands such as Wysong, Epigen, Halo, Primal, Evo, Natural Choice, Earthborn, Blue Buffalo, Bil Jac, Orijen, Acana, Nature's Variety Instinct, etc are good choices. If none of these brands are sold locally and you need help choosing, go to your local pet store and ask the professionals who work there for help picking something for your pet.About: are chewy, all-natural hypoallergenic dog treats made from sweet potatoes and designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs.While some dogs will happily eat an interesting variety of “treats” from the sidewalk without a care in the world, others suffer from terrible digestive troubles at the slightest thing. The likelihood is that if your dog has a sensitive stomach, boy do you know about it, but signs include frequent loose stools, and occasional vomiting. Not only can these symptoms be a trial for an owner to live with, they can also cause discomfort to the canine in question. A change in diet can often help dogs with sensitive stomachs.Pros: Since these dog treats are grain free, they work great for dogs who need hypoallergenic dog treats due to allergies. Said to even be human-grade, owners report that these natural dog treats are enjoyed by all dogs, even those with the most sensitive of stomachs.Avery has a pretty sensitive stomach. We're always being careful with what she eats. The food she's on (California Natural) has been okay for the last month or so. I have been slightly watering it down for her because she's not chewing the kibble when she eats it. (I'm guessing it's because her mouth hurts from teething?) I'm thinking that her diarrhea is from the treats she's getting.... We're in puppy training and they suggest various types of treats rather than one certain kind of treat. They suggested dog food cut up into really small pieces so we did. She didn't have all that much tonight but did have more than usual..... we've also tried a few other treats but nothing that has worked too well for her. I'm hoping that there are dog treats out there for dogs with sensitive stomachs but haven't really been able to find much. Has anyone found any good treats for our pups with sensitive stomachs?My girl tends to get diarrhea on foods or treats very easy. For instance, I bought her natural balance rolls, and i cut them up into pieces for treats and those give her diarrhea. Also any wet food, including wet food specifically for stomach sensitive dogs!