Dog Training Career: What is Involved?

What do you think? Do you have a dog training career? Pet Sitter? Dog Walker?
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Some community colleges and vocational training centers offer courses for a career in dog training. These courses of study include classes in basic animal sciences, learning theory, safety, and obedience training methods. Certificates are usually awarded upon completion.
Yet, as fun, wonderful and rewarding as a career as a dog trainer is, it’s not for everybody.
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Yep, today was the first day of another session of our dog trainers school. New students getting immersed in the world of professional dog training. How cool is that? Making a career decision to spend time making a living by helping families with their favorite, but sometimes mischievous, canine. It rocks! I will tell you that.… Ready to become a certified dog trainer in North Carolina?  to get started!
Photo provided by PexelsThen I started my career as a dog trainer.
Photo provided by FlickrYou can prepare for a dog training career in several ways.
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This type of career choice isn't for everyone. Professional dog training requires a wide range of skills that few people possess. To be successful in our business, you'll need much more than a general love of dogs. You must also love people. Our training consultants spend a majority of their work day meeting with new people; demonstrating our professional dog training techniques and closing new sales. We also work directly with other animal professionals such as veterinarians, groomers, and rescue group administrators. A professional appearance, positive attitude, friendly personality, great organizational skills, salesmanship, and an understanding of marketing are qualities in your toolbox that are just as important as the actual ability to train dogs.Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team has been focused on keeping dogs out of shelters and in happy homes since 1987. Lorenzo’s certified team trainers undergo a comprehensive training curriculum prior to certification to ensure an unwavering commitment to quality animal care and professional conduct.We're looking for dedicated, self-starting individuals who are willing to invest time, energy, effort, and capital in the pursuit of business growth opportunities that just happen to involve dogs. Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team has excellent career opportunities available for those who have a serious interest in the field of professional dog training. We are actively recruiting candidates with the skills they need to become Lorenzo’s Certified Trainers in markets across the country.Making your way through crowded aisles, picking up items that have dropped to the floor and closing doors can be challenging for people with disabilities. Trained service dogs can lighten the burden and, at the same time, provide compassionate, loyal companionship. Knowledge, training and a desire to work with animals and people are the foundation for a successful service dog trainer career.The Anthony Jerone School announces a restructuring of it’s canine
education programs as we maintain our position as the nation’s
premier career school for professional dog trainers
There will now be two programs to more fully satisfy the needs of
students preparing for a future as a canine professional:Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm wondering if there are any trainers on here that could tell me about where they went to school or how they got their training. I am looking into online classes, as I work full time, and have a young child. I currently work in a doggie daycare and have been watching the trainer here do her thing and started thinking it's something I may want to get into. I plan on asking the trainer here what she suggests but I kind of wanted to be more informed before I do that. Penn Foster is the most affordable but all the reviews I have read about them aren't so great and aren't even for their dog training course. If anyone has any advice I would be super appreciative. Or if I'm in the wrong place, don't be mean. I'm still figuring out this whole Reddit thing. TIA!