Sentry Petrodex Dog & Cat Finger Toothbrush Glove, 5-count

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A glove-type dog toothbrush is ideal for pet owners who want to feel where they are brushing in order to do a thorough job. Plus, the course fabric is gentler on dog’s gums than a bristle brush.
Product - Finger Toothbrush for Dogs - Doggie Dental Gloves.
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Many dogs fight against having a toothbrush in their mouth. Try wearing a cheap washable cotton glove to clean your dog’s teeth. Much easier to clean all the surfaces, both inner and outer because you have a better sense of touch. You can buy them online, something like 24 for $11. My dog loves having me clean her teeth! She comes running every time I put that white glove on. Genuine sheepskin toys are also good for keeping the teeth clean. They are washable and very durable. Sentry Petrodex Dog & Cat Finger Toothbrush Glove, 5-count.
Photo provided by PexelsA dog finger toothbrush or glove – Some people find this easier to use
Photo provided by FlickrThis dog toothbrush slips onto the end of your finger or it can be part of a glove
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• A or glove – Some people find this easier to use. This dog toothbrush slips onto the end of your finger or it can be part of a glove. Use it to clean dog teeth and to stimulate your dog’s gums.A good dog toothbrush must also be easy to handle. Choose a toothbrush in relation to the size of your dog. For larger breeds, it is best to use finger cot brushes. Finger cot brushes are double ended with a part that looks like a finger glove. This glove has bristles on it and allows you to brush the inner parts of your dog’s teeth.This product comes in a set with a triple Toothbrush and a two-finger glove brush. The glove set is meant primarily for removing tartar and dental plaque. The glove is an ideal, non-threatening tool to begin with, for dogs who aren’t used to toothbrushes yet and slowly once accustomed, you can introduce the triple headed toothbrush to the cleaning ritual. Thus this product provides a long term solution.When I push Zody's lips up all the teeth I expose are his canines and one or two teeth further back, making matters worse is the fact that his mouth is tight, he doesn't have loose jowls. His molars remain hidden way back in his mouth. The finger brush is to big for his little mouth, but I was wondering if a gauze covered finger would work? Doing that I could feel if I was getting all the teeth, using the puppy tooth brush I got I can't judge if I'm getting all or any of his teeth or if I'm pushing to far back and causing him discomfort. I figure pairing the gauze with chicken wings, or necks if I can find them, might keep his teeth clean enough. I love using an exfoliating bath glove. You put toothpaste on the thumb and forefinger, the "nubbiness" provides enough cleansing action and you can really feel what you're doing in there. Plus, most dogs are more okay with their owner's fingers in their mouths than a toothbrush.This is “Spike” a 12 year old dog that does not need a dental because mom brushes his teeth every other day! If you are going to brush your pet’s teeth, I strongly recommend that you have a professional dental cleaning done first, and start with clean teeth.
If you are not sure what is right for your pet, . One plan doesn’t fit all dogs; and there are a variety of at home treatments you can use after a dental cleaning such as oravet, greenies, T/D diet, CET Hetra Chews, standard toothbrush, fingerbrush, glove brush, chicken flavored tooth paste and more!A glove toothbrush (e.g. Petrodex Finger Toothbrush Gloves) is a better alternative. However, the bristles of both the finger and glove toothbrushes are not very deep, so the regular stick toothbrush still does the most effective job of cleaning my dog’s teeth.