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Unboxing of Four Paws dog Tie out Cable. Works very well! Last a long time!
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I am a big, big fan of tie-downs. Tie-downs can help you or They can be life-savers, however it can be difficult to find a dog cable in the right length–actually it is near impossible. There are a lot of projects where you can substitute something for something else (in this case, you might want to sub a leash for a dog cable) but this is one of those projects.
Our  and  tie out cables feature cattle clasp and can hold a dog weighing 125 lbs. to 250 lbs.
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You need a dog cable because it is not able to be chewed through. Dogs on tie downs often (initially) test the tie-down and will chew. If it’s a leash, they could chew through it. If you are using a tie-down as a management tool to keep dogs separate, this could result in a dangerous dog fight. At a minimum it would be ineffective. Some dogs are so polite that they almost never chew, but I still wouldn’t put them on a tie-down on a leash if you are using the tie-down for their safety. It’s an easily avoidable, foreseeable issue, so I recommend avoiding that scenario altogether. Product - Blue Beagle 18 Inch Spiral Stake with Medium Tie Out Cable Combo for Dog up to 60 Pounds
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The Double Dog Run System is the only dog tie out system for two dogs that does not get tangled. Our and dog tangle- free tie outs come with two dog leashes / dog tie out cables that are 20 feet in length. That means there is a
The Aspen , which is available with a tie-out cable for a convenient single purchase setup, has a solid shaft with a simple corkscrew design that makes it easy to install the stake in any soil type. The curved handle has an ergonomic grip to make it more comfortable to use and to improve visibility after installation, and the malleable swivel gives the dog 360 degrees of tangle-free roaming. As the unit screws in and out of the soil in just a few moments, this is an ideal option for temporary situations, such as a weekend camping trip. Many tie-outs have a single stake, which may be insufficient for large breeds of dogs or dogs with excessive energy. The unique design of the swiveling pet tie-out resolves this issue by incorporating six anchoring points around the base of a freely rotating dual bearing. Having six anchoring points gives the tie-out a safe, low profile, and means it is capable of withstanding up to 1,000 pounds of pull force. The rotating central bearing ensures the tether does not twist up or kink, minimizing the risk of damage to the cable or injury to the dog.
The SUREswivel is easy to install on any debris-free land, and is perfect for camping trips and outdoor adventures. Moreover, the rugged nylon and fiberglass construction makes it possible to use the tie-out for permanent fixtures on trucks, boats, and patios. Boss Pet's Prestige Dome Stake has a durable, heavy-duty steel construction, and is available in bright yellow or orange for easy visibility. The one-piece, solid forged steel top cap is durable, and the fins on the shaft ensure the stake bites deeply in the ground and resists pullout if the dog becomes overly energetic. The tie-out cable is included in the package, making this a cost-effective and convenient solution. The Prestige Snap Around Tie-Out from Boss Pet avoids the need for a temporary tie-out stake or anchor point by snapping around the trunk of any nearby tree, making it an easily portable solution for camping expeditions in wooded areas. It has an 8-foot loop with a 10-foot leash, is suitable for dogs weighing up to 60 pounds, and has a durable construction with coated metal cables to ensure it stands up to extended usage in outdoor environments. My first consideration was getting away from traditional steel chain, which always seem to gather leaves, twigs and other debris or tangles when the dog moved around on the ground anchor. I solved this by using eighth- or quarter-inch plastic-coated steel airline or boat steering cable, rated at over 1,800 pounds of breaking strength and costing about $1.40 a foot. I preferred the 6- to 8-foot lengths for tie-out purposes. This cable lies flat and does not kink or twist. Some dogs may chew on the plastic coating of the cable, but mine never have.