Here's also our quick video on top best dog steps for bed under $150:

DIY Dog Steps for a small dog to climb onto bed. You can get FREE boxes if your…
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If you want to make it easier for your pet to go to a higher bed or sofa, this unusual wood dog step will be a perfect choice. Soft clothed steps allow for secure entrance. The showcase is elegantly designed to suit every interior design.
Dog Steps For small dogs. Use pet stairs so pets do not have to jump off sofas or high beds.
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Easy Step IV is created by the same company as Easy Step II which you could read about above. Some of their features are the same, but this one is made to provide doggie steps for high beds especially. While they are both built to handle the same amount of weight (150 lbs), this one is 7,5 inches taller than its smaller version, which makes it a full 30,5 inches tall. That should be enough for almost any bed. So the choice between the two doesn’t have that much to do with the size of your pet, but instead the height of your bed. 24 High Dog Stairs for Tall Beds. All Wood by HamptonBayPetSteps, $149.00
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These steps are all well suited for around the house in order to make things easier for your dog whether it’s because you feed them off the floor or just want them to be able to enjoy the bed even when you’re not there.There comes a time when our domesticated loyal friends need a little help from us. Aging, arthritis, joint and other problems can hinder their life quality, and at this point it's time to find ways to provide support for your canine. We came up with a list of top ten best dog steps for bed or car that will certainly aid your dog's struggle.Got a high bed and a little dog? These doggie steps are probably the solution that you’re looking for. They stand at 26” high which means it should be suitable for most beds, allowing your pet access to that most important of resources: a soft sleeping area.Does your pet has difficulties with reaching higher places, such as sofas, beds, or chairs? Using this 15'' high dog stairs with two steps, your four-legged friend will now have the opportunity to hop on the bed with no effort, whatsoever. The piece is hand made of wood and carpet.Help maintain and protect your pet's joint health with the Dog Steps with 3 Steps. Pets that constantly jump off sofas, beds, and other furniture can place unnecessary strain on the joints which could potentially lead to arthritis. Reduce your pet's risk today by ordering these compact and durable pet stairs. The Dog Steps provide a wide surface area that allows your pet to stop and rest on each step before moving forward, which is especially helpful for senior pets. These pet stairs support dogs and cats up to 150 lbs and are available in 3 colors to accommodate most decor. Some dogs may need training. Watch the video on this page for tips on how to train your dog to use the steps. Recommended bed height: 31 inches high.This item includes solid and functional steps for dogs that provide access to higher areas like sofas or beds for dogs or other small animals. These wooden steps feature a nice rich cherry stain finish.One thing’s for doggone sure: these are the dog steps for a high bed whether your animal is suffering the rigors of old age or just isn’t quite tall enough to get up and share some snuggle time with you.I've gone through great lengths in my research to bring you guys the list of only the absolute best dog steps for bed or cars based on manufacturer's reputation, quality, value for the price and of course reviews from customers who bought them. Here are our top ten picks.