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This exercise pen is for dogs, and other animals such as rabits, birds, and tortoises.
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Several key factors should guide your decision on sizes: how many dogs you have, the size of those dogs, and the amount of time they'll spend there. Remember, you can't have a run area that is too big, but you can have one that is too small.
Outdoor pens let your dog enjoy being outside without the risk of escape.
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Instantly create a secure environment for your pet with our selection of adjustable pet gates, secure dog doors and versatile dog pens. Adjustable to fit most doorways, pet gates are an easy way to restrict your dog’s access to rooms, stairs and other off-limit areas of your home. Dog doors control outdoor access, and come in a variety of options from sliding door panels to mounted pet doors. Dog pens are free-standing enclosures that allow you to create a spacious yet secure place for your furry friend to play. All of our gates, doors and pens come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials to fit your pet’s needs and your home’s interior design. Dog pen disguised as furniture
Photo provided by FlickrMidwest Exercise Pens are versatile products that allow you to contain your dog in a 16 sq-ft enclosure.
Photo provided by FlickrIt took Matthews almost two decades to work his way to the dog pen. It took Hezekiah Brown only a few days.
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The Dog Pen (Medium) is an ideal pet accessory to use in your home when house training medium size dogs or to confine your pet to an area for a period of time. This pet pen can be adjusted to increase the width (up to 60.6" wide) to suit pets that may still be growing, however the depth and height are increased (30.3" D x 27.6" H) to accommodate larger pets.Available in many sizes and three finishes, gold zinc, black e-coat or pink or blue powder coat, our exercise pens are designed for you and your dog. We know how important your dog is to you, but you can't take them everywhere! It's good for them to have a little room to stretch and exercise while they wait for your return. A Midwest exercise pen is designed keep your dog safe and secure. They are high quality, strong, and will provide a lifetime of safe, reliable service. These pens are not just for dogs - they are great for all kinds of pets and animals, including rabbits and tortoises. Combine yours with a (sold separately) to create a roomy yet secure place for your beloved pet.Corner Stabilizers add rigidity and maintain exercise pen configuration for the safety of your dog. They can also be used on the bottom corners of the pen as floor protectors. Life Stages Exercise Pens are comprised of eight hinged panels, each 24" wide, making the pen 16 linear feet. Heights vary from 24"-48" to acommodate your dog's hight and agility. Can be deployed in any shape, such as 4ft x 4ft square, or 4ft 5in x 4ft 5in octagon.The following table shows the different models available for a dog of a particular size. There is no issue getting a pen too big for your dog, although the price does increase as the pens get bigger. Multiple pens may easily be joined together to create larger exercise spaces.For really strong-smelling dog pens, try a bleach-based spray to cut the odor. Bleach will add a different strong smell, but will cut the urine odor. Clean the kennel normally, then mix up the spray. Pour 1/2 cup bleach in a 1 quart spray bottle, then add 2 cups tap water. Squirt a heavy coat of the bleach odor remover all over the kennel, then let it dry completely before using the kennel.