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I have a 6 month beagle puppy i need a,better solution to the pee pads me and my boyfriend both work 8 hours,a day and she stsys in the kitchen with her crate and pen around it we got pee pad holders but alot of times she just tears them up and makes a mess on the floor so i tried a potty grass with cst litter at the bottom thst tjing got torn to shreads and she ate the cat litter. We need something better then per pads for winter. A dog litter box sounds great but how do i keep her from throwing and kicking the litter all over and eating it??? Any suggestions would be much appreciated ! Thank u!
Xinlink New Indoor Pet Cat Puppy Dog Potty Pee Toilet Training Pad Holder Tray Litter Box with Fence Large Size L Pink Color (L, Pink)
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I have only read one other person who said their dogs would not use the pads if it was in a holder so I don't think it is a wide-spread problem. I probably should try again and be more patient this time, but I don't want to have them going off the pad again either! I got the one from Walmart also and Nala wouldn't use it either. She would go beside it. I then took it up and put down her pad and when she used the pad, I put it in the holder and put it back down. She has used it ever since with no problem. The first few times I would try to catch her when she used it and give her a treat and a big "pee dance party". Maybe that would work for you too?? Xinlink New Indoor Pet Cat Puppy Dog Potty Pee Toilet Training Pad Holder Tray Litter Box with Fence Large Size L Pink Color (L, Pink)
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There are many reasons why you may need to purchase puppy pee pads for your dogs, and this extends further than training them to pee in the right spots. There are times for all of us when we aren’t home all day. Maybe you work all day everyday and you don’t have someone to come let the puppies out to pee. Puppy pee pads are the perfect solution for this problem. You will search the whole market trying to find the best pee pads for dogs, and when you complete your search, there are good chances you will find your way back to the Hartz Home Protection Pads for Dogs. These puppy pads are totally awesome and work great!On a personal note – pee pads are my least favorite of house training methods because I find more people having difficulty with house training their pups when using pee pads. A large majority of calls I receive regarding house training issues in dogs older than 9 months of age are with dogs who were trained with pee pads. I urge people to stay away from this training method when at all possible so that life is easier for you and your pup. Full disclosure, growing up we used pee pads with all the puppies that entered our household and we had success transitioning them to go outside. But knowing what I know now, I see the hazards that come along with this method and see less benefits.Some pee pads are better for puppies that haven’t quite mastered going to the bathroom yet, and some of them are better for older dogs that can no longer hold their bladder as good as they once could. The IRIS Neat ‘n Dry Floor Protection and Training Pads for Puppies and Dogs, works great for both puppies and dogs. If you have an older dog, a young puppy, or even both, these pee pads will work great for your beloved pets. These pee pads have many great qualities, including fast absorbing pads that protect your floor while you potty train your pet, and they are perfect for training or assisting aging dogs.My dog is 5 months old and we put her in a cage. There she had that pad holder (sort of looks like grills and holds newspaper underneath) and beside was her sleeping area. She peed and pooped there consistently so we decided to let her out of the cage while we were in the house.