70%OFF Pader Je Dog Nail Clippers - Professional Dog Nail Trimmer

Pader Je Dog Nail Clippers - Professional Dog Nail Trimmer hot sale 2017
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black deluxe, JW GripSoft nail clipper with cutting guard for medium and large dogs. Used by professional groomers to maintain nails at a comfortable length.
60%OFF Pader Je Dog Nail Clippers - Professional Dog Nail Trimmer
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We had to include the professional dog nail clippers from Safari. Their extremely sharp stainless steel blades make cutting nails extremely easy, and the built-in safety will ensure that the owner cannot cut a large enough piece in order to harm the animal. Pader Je Dog Nail Clippers - Professional Dog Nail Trimmer hot sale
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• EASY, QUICK, CALM TRIMMING - Wagglies professional clippers are the quickest safest route to neatly trimmed nails and a happy dog. These trimmers …• Professional Quality Dog Nail Clippers. Designed for safe, error free use by Vets with over 35 years experience
• Sharp quality long lasting stainless …• Designed by two veterinarians. Professional Quality Dog Nail Clippers
• High quality long lasting stainless steel cutting blade. Trim nails with greater …WPS adheres to the highest standards for pet grooming. They design their professional dog nail clippers at an optimal angle to avoid hitting the quick of the nail. The handle is ergonomic with a non-slip for easy and comfortable use. These clippers are spring-loaded to prevent fatigue. WPS stands by their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.You should always use nail trimmers suitable for the size of the dog and always use a professional quality dog nail trimmer. These are designed to accommodate the shape of the dog's nail. attempt to use a human nail trimmer, even on the tiniest of dogs. The quality of the nail trimmers is an important consideration as using dull or inferior quality tools can create a potentially dangerous, painful, or at the very least, frightening experience for the dog or the groomer. Dull nail trimmers can crush, rather than cut the nail causing the dog unnecessary pain and creating a jagged edge on the nail. Low quality trimmers or nail clippers not in good working order can pinch the nail, becoming lodged on the nail.Boshel makes professional-grade dog nail clippers. Their design makes it virtually impossible to make a deep cut, making it much harder to make a mistake and hit the quick of your dog’s nail. It has a heavy duty 3.5mm stainless steel blade to provide a quick clean cut every time. The handles have an ergonomic, non-slip design for comfortable use and it comes with a free nail file.As a professional groomer, these are my FAVORITE nail trimmers for large dogs. I guarantee these nail trimmers will OUT PERFORM any clipper of this type or I will refund your money.A brand of product that is often used by professional dog groomers you can be sure of quality and we found the clippers extremely easy to use. As a little added bonus the clippers also come with a free nail file thrown in, perfect for when you want to really pamper your dog and another excellent addition to your pet grooming kit.