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Tagging your car will help you market your lost dog. The more friends and family members that you can convince to let you tag THEIR cars with your lost dog information, the better. We even had a case where a dog owner tagged their parked car (parked on the street in front of their house) that resulted in the recovery of their lost dog because their neighbor (who had found the dog) never noticed the flyers they had posted. Tagged cars get noticed and that is the purpose of tagging! You want EVERYONE in your community to notice and read your message. If your friends or family members won’t let you tag their cars, look for a local dog rescue group in your area with volunteers willing to have their cars tagged. Most rescue group volunteers are avid dog lovers who would rather see your dog back in your home than end up on the streets or in shelter. They likely have never heard of tagging (because this concept is new), so perhaps you can convince them to start using this technique to recover your lost dog and ultimately other lost dogs in the future. Tell them about Missing Pet Partnership and have them visit our web site for more details. And please, if you recover your lost dog due to tagging, take a picture of your tagged window and so we can share your story our web site!
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are yet another type of pet headstone in which thecremated ashes of your dog or cat can be store inside a special compartmentwithin the memorial. We offer two styles of pet grave markers whichcan be laser engraved with either standard artwork or a suppliedphoto of your pet. Engraved Personalised Pet Memorial Headstone Grave Marker Slate Plaque Dog Cat
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SOLD Miniature Pinscher Angel Dog Pet Memorial Garden Stake / Metal Yard Art / Pet Grave Marker / Garden Copper Art / Pet Sculpture by GardenCopperArt on Etsy are made using a highly polished black granitepet marker in which your beloved cat or dog'simage is laser engraved onto the surface with a name, dates andadditional lettering. These wonderful pet headstones are the mostpopular line of pet grave headstones we offer.Pet loss, for many, has been equated to human loss. To that end pet parents feel it is appropriate to honor their beloved pet’s memory with a traditional pet grave marker. Like for people, grave markers for cats and dog headstones are used to mark a pet’s resting place in a or serve as a memorial in one’s garden.Just ordered a Pet marker handmade cross by johntillison on Etsy. They are so nice and can be custom made with your dog's name, birth and death dates, and a quote if you want one. There are also other types of crosses available! Other popular search terms: dogheadstones, dog grave markers, grave markers for dogs, headstones fordogs, cat headstones, cat grave markers, pet grave headstones.Used this company for my last dog's memorial stone - beautiful work! Pet Urns ,Pet Grave Markers, Pet Memorial Stones , Pet Headstones | 4everinmyheartAt Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorials, we combine the most beautifully natural stone and unsurpassed craftsmanship to create unique pet monuments that will stand the test of time. The quality of our engraved pet markers is second to none! Whether your engraved pet stone is used as a pet grave marker, a pet headstone, or as a pet memorial garden stone, it will serve you and your loved ones well as a unique reminder of the love that you shared.Others try to match our quality, but can’t and no one can match our commitment to customer satisfaction. Each of our engraved pet memorials is as unique as the pets for whom we they are created. Whether our pet memorials are for dogs, cats, birds, or any other special animal, we always do our very best to create pet memorials worthy of them. We create unique pet monuments worth holding onto forever!“I thought I would take the time and let you know we received the stone as stated and are very happy with the out come. It was so hard for the wife and I to have to make that awful decision to put Michelle down. We appreciate the emails about the layout. It meant a lot to us. It was beautifully done. Thanks Again, Edward and Debbie B.” At Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial engraved stones, we strive to provide you with unparalleled quality in engraved pet stones. When you purchase pet memorials, pet garden stones, or personalized pet gifts from us, you can be assured that we have spent the necessary extra time and care to create a high quality pet memorial stones that are second to none in quality.A Marker Word is any sound you will use to tell your dog when he/she did something right. It is the first thing you should teach your pet and even though sometimes we "think" our furry best friend knows what we are saying, it is very important to actively train this special word.