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Halo Lights LED light up dog collars are the best, brightest dog collars EVER!
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Shine for Dogs products have all these issues covered and more! Ultra bright, ultra durable and rechargeable! The best quality LED fibre optic leash + collar, affordably priced! The profits from your orders are donated to dogs in Rescues and Shelters
Squeaker Poochlight Illuminating LED Dog Collars and Leashes
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Our mission at 4 Paws Tech is to create wearables for dogs that will keep them beautiful by day and safe at night. At the forefront of our product line is our selection of LED dog collars and reflective nylon dog collars for high visibility, especially during nighttime walks. Frustrated by the poor quality we’ve seen in other safety collars, we developed ours with a focus on technology and premium quality. The stitching and materials are durable for extended use, and buckles are sturdy to withstand whatever kind of adventure your dog gets into. Super bright. Super fun. The world’s first and only dual-colour LED lighted dog collar.
Photo provided by FlickrGet one or more of these great LED light up dog collars today, and keep your dog safe and stylish.
Photo provided by FlickrNite Ize Nite Dawg LED Dog Collar CoverNEW to our stores – In stock soon!
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LED Clip-On Dog Collar Safety Light. I have a similar light for my dog and use it at night even though we have a fenced yard in case she gets out by some chance. Plus I can always see where she is! Love it and so does she!NIGHTTIME LED DOG COLLARS. Taking your dog out for a walk at night can be difficult and dangerous. Once you let them off the leash, it's pretty hard to spot them in the dark. This collar with a built-in LED light can solve that problem! Since the collar is behind your dog's head, he/she won't be bothered by the lights.Glowdoggie™ lighted dog collars have a patented, built-in motion sensor that automatically turns on the LEDs when the battery section is facing downwards or sideways, and slowly turns them off when the batteries are held in a motionless, upwards position for over 45 seconds. It’s as simple yet as technically advanced as that. You just slide it on over the dog’s head and off you go. (See the video below for a fun demonstration). The Glowdoggie’s electronics also make use of advanced power management technology, to guarantee efficient and effective use of the batteries for many months. Many people have to walk their dogs in the evening, when I walk my dog, this Night Dawg LED collar is absolutely a staple! It’s visible up to 1,000 feet away and is water resistant. If you have an extra fluffy dog, I strongly encourage to buy the light up leash as well, because his hair can cover the collar up. If you use a harness, you can purchase a collar cover that then clip over the front of it. NiteIze Night Dawg LED collar and leash are extremely well made and their customer service is outstanding.Glowdoggie™ LED collars open up completely new possibilities for dog owners at night. Take your dogs to the park and still see them for hundreds of meters. Let them off leash on your property and never fear losing sight of them. Or walk them along city streets with confidence, knowing that traffic sees them, and therefore sees you too. We’ve even made our Glowdoggie label from highly reflective 3M material - making for an unbeatable combination, far superior to a reflective dog collar on its own.
It’s hard to think of a German-engineered product that doesn’t stand out in terms of technical refinement, excellence in design and outstanding quality. Well, the Glowdoggie™ LED collar is no different. Constructed with only the very best German components, the Glowdoggie™ is a small feat of engineering genius with big safety benefits for you and your dog.