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Before looking at specific home remedies, I hope this goes without saying but never use human beauty products on your pet dog such as shampoos and skin lotions, as these products can harm your pet. Natural and holistic remedies continue to prove most efficacious in relieving itchy skin in your dogs. Salts, herbs and homeopathic ingredients are all safe to use without any unwanted and discomforting side effects.
This home remedy can be given to your dog each day, even after the itchy skin has cleared up.
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Another helpful hint from The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats comes from Veterinarian Steven A. Melman, who encourages pet parents to supplement their dogs' diets with essential fatty acids and vitamins to calm itchy skin. Omega-3 fatty acids act as an anti-inflammatory as well as promote moisture in your dog's skin and give his coat a healthy shine. Vitamin supplements are also effective in alleviating itching and helping the skin to heal. Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory and can be given internally or rubbed topically on problem areas. Vitamins A and C are good for your dog's immune system and will work to relieve allergies and assist the skin in healing. Check with your vet on dosages for your dog. 38. home remedies for dog's itchy skin problems,
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This homemade allergy relief itchy dog natural remedy spray recipe is a wonderfully soothing solution for your dog's irritated skin. With simple ingredientAs an animal lover I hate to see any animal in discomfort and, like me, if you are a pet owner of dogs, you have had to deal with seeing your dog distressed and in discomfort due to scratching and itchy skin. Perhaps you have been troubled by this in the past or you simply wish to know what are the best itchy dog remedies so that you can help your pets should skin itch symptoms or allergies arise in the future.Of course, as I mentioned before, you may not need to buy commercial products at all. The remedy you need might already be in your home kitchen or garden. The following are a few of my favorite home brewed topical remedies. For dogs with itchy skin that exhibits little or no change of appearance (it just itches!), try a liberal application of oatmeal. Yep, the stuff we eat for breakfast. Cook it into a loose, soup-like consistency, allow it to cool, take it and your companion outside, and drench him with it. Allow it to remain in his coat as long as possible, before rinsing or brushing out the residue.Itchy skin can be irritating for your dog, and it can be distressing for owners to see their pets in discomfort. There are different causes of this condition but if it is treated early, your dog should make a full recovery. Conventional treatments can be used but there are also several home remedies that can provide effective relief from itching.There are three options available to you. Of course you can go straight to the vet and have your dog treated for its itching. You can buy a number of proprietary of the shelf products that provide dog itchy skin treatment or if you prefer, as I do, you can learn from others who have developed a range of home remedies for dogs’ itchy skin.As you see, symptomatic relief for your dog’s itching may be at arm’s reach. Just keep in mind that chronic skin ailments are seldom skin-deep, and treating symptoms such as dry, itchy skin or hot spots with topical remedies alone will not amount to a curative therapy for deeper health issues. Most chronic skin issues are related to allergies, diet, or both. To find a lasting solution for your companion, talk to a holistic veterinarian who is familiar with issues of nutrition, allergies, and natural approaches to skin care.