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But it doesn’t stop at just grooming. The shop also sells homemade, all-natural dog treats and toys. In the near future, McGrade and Groom hope to expand their offerings to include a variety of dog-related products from toys to collars and leashes to dishes and brushes to beds.
…Love the Dog Grooming Shop! They do a wonderful job with my two shih tzus!…
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Here at Digger's we believe that the grooming experience should be a fun one. All the dogs get play time and as long as they behave they can stay out and play (or just chill out) for the duration of their time in our shop. The exceptions, of course, being unneutered and aggressive dogs. While these dogs are certainly welcome in our shop, they remain separated from our other guests. We love to let our dogs run around, play, relax, and get to know us before their grooming. It makes for a much more enjoyable visit for everyone. …Dog Grooming Shop on Davis just off Green Oaks. We've used them for years…
Photo provided by Flickr…The Dog Grooming Shop on Davis is wonderful. Our Scottie looks incredible every time…
Photo provided by Flickr…I like Javier at Dog Grooming Shop a lot. I don't know about any others, but Javier is good.…
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We are a full service Mobile Dog Grooming shop. Our rates are very reasonable. Our goal is to provide a clean stress free environment for your pet, and to groom your pet the way you, the owner, want it to look. A groomer is always available to consult with you, to ensure your pet has the hair cut that you would like. We know your visit with us will be a great experience, for both you and your pet. Our concept is happy pets make satisfied owners, worry free of leaving their beloved pets with loving and caring people.Back in 1977 The Pampered Pet Dog Grooming Shop was established in Worcester. Over thirty years later we are still committed to the same high quality standards. We know that our existence depends upon our service, quality and dedication to you, our customers. Our job is to see that you are satisfied and we are confident that we can accomplish this goal. Welcome to Dalespets. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my company. My Name is Dale I am the founder of Dalespets LLC. I have been grooming almost 20 years. It was early in the year 1993 when I began my training under a professional groomer. From there I went to a pet store chain that had 38 grooming shops and spanned the eastern seaboard. My grooming shop became the number one grooming salon within the Company. We were a high volume shop with a low rate of incidents. I became a viable member of the grooming departments in the southeast within 3 years. I thought I would retire within the corporate world of pet grooming. Then the economy took its toll on the company and it closed up shop in July 2010. By this time I had been with them for almost 15 years. I was now at the ripe golden age of 48. Unemployment was at an all time high across the state. Application after application, resume after resume, I was getting nowhere. I decided it was time to create my own job, so I cashed out my 401k and Founded Dalespets LLC. We now have 3 full time employees and are a viable part of the community. We are doing well because we care. We care about your pet and you. We have a grooming salon that allows you to see all. We treat your pet with the utmost priority. We believe this is the reason we are growing, and we will continue to do business this way. Here at Dalespets "Your Pet is Our Priority".

We groom all sizes of dogs from the smallest to the largest. I have training on most skin conditions. I also have no-heat dryers for your dogs' comfort. These use the room air temperature to keep your pets from overheating. I also, know many techniques for de-matting and shedding out coats. Just ask, I am glad to help explain the procedures.
If you have any questions about the care of your pet, I will be glad to help out, or if you need more help I will be glad to direct you to someone that can help.

Most dogs are much happier in the trailer than a large grooming shop--there are no other “scary” dogs, no other dogs barking or howling, and less noise from multiple dryers running all at the same time.