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Basic Equipment and Supplies for Dog Grooming - dummies
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No book list goes without the “For Dummies” books. Fourth one of the best dog grooming books is exactly that, from a single author Margaret H. Bonham.
An Efficient Routine for Dog Grooming - dummies
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Grooming for Dummies has another section that is intended to help the reader understand what the dog’s coat is telling them about the internal health of their companion. I like this chapter because some people don’t realize that you can tell a lot by a dog’s coat condition. Part of Dog Grooming For Dummies Cheat Sheet
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However, a lot of other pet parents found Bonham's lacking in pictures and illustrations which mattered a lot for “dummies” learning about grooming from scratch. Others expecting the book to delve into haircuts and hair styling were also disappointed to find grooming to focus on bathing the dog and brushing its teeth. The book satisfied those buyers who expected to learn general grooming from the basics, mainly hygiene. It disappointed those who wanted to learn different techniques for specific dog breeds. Overall, it’s a good starting point for learners.I learned how to groom my dogs myself.
Got the clippers, table, Dog Grooming for Dummies's not easy though.
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