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Mesh dog gates for cars are lightweight and easy to see through. They have a pop-up design (similar to pop-up tents) that makes them effortless to install and uninstall. Because the side panels are adjustable, our mesh dog gates for cars will easily fit into your car, truck or SUV. The mesh netting is attached to a crescent shaped wire frame that runs along the interior roof of your car, which prevents sagging of the net and allows you to assemble and disassemble quickly and easily. If you're looking to buy just one dog gate for cars to use in multiple vehicles at different times, then our mesh vehicle pet barriers are your best bet because most of them are interchangeable among various vehicles and models. Many of our metal dog gates for cars are made for specific vehicle types and models and are not interchangeable.
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Dog gates for cars and SUVs will keep your dog off your lap and out of the front seat while you are driving. If your pooch insists on being up front while you drive then one of our car gates for dogs is a must. 13 Items - Keep your pet secure
Photo provided by PexelsWith a dog car barrier from PetSmart, he can ride safely -- no matter where you're going.
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Why are dog gates for cars a good idea?
Most dogs absolutely love going for a ride in the car, and most dog owners don't have the heart to deprive them of the pleasure. And who can blame them? But there are safety issues to consider, especially if your dog likes to jump back and forth from the back seat to the front seat or even worse, on your lap. If your dog enjoys chewing on everything in sight, metal dog gates for cars would be a better selection. Metal is more durable and will hold up to more abuse than the mesh option. Metal dog gates for cars have barred openings while the mesh option is totally enclosed from the ceiling down. The metal dog gates are of a tubular design with 4, 6 or 8 sets of bars depending on your vehicle type. If your dog is also one that likes to claw and scratch when separated from you, one of our metal dog gates for cars would be a wiser choice. The majority of our metal dog gates for cars have adjustable horizontal and vertical bars that are pressure mounted so they can be installed as well as removed in minutes. That is precisely why dog gates for cars, trucks and SUVs are so popular. With all the distractions on the road today at least there is a simple, affordable and reliable solution to help keep you, your dog and other travelers safe while you are out for a drive. The vehicle pet barriers in our lineup are either soft mesh barriers or tubular bar dog gates for cars that are designed to be pressure mounted. This makes it easy for you to install them and to remove them.It is important to verify that the dog gate you purchase is the exact fit for your car. Our easy to follow Vehicle Pet Barrier Size Chart and Pet Barrier/Automobile Guide (shown on appropriate product pages) make it a breeze to find the perfect dog gate that corresponds to your breed of dog and your specific car model. Our wide selection of dog gates for cars are portable and also easy to store in your trunk. All of our options are easy and quick to install and uninstall so you don't have to waste time fiddling with your dog gate when you're trying to get on the road.