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Pigskins in a Blanket (crescent dog footballs) are perfect game-day snacks!
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Searching for another football dog toy? This football is made of plush and features an attached rope. That makes it great for playing fetch or tug of war. You can toss it like a football, but you’ll get much more distance if you grab the rope and heave it across the yard. The dual purposes of this fetch toy make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Pigskins in a Blanket (crescent dog footballs) are perfect game-day snacks!
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Dogs walk around without shoes, socks, or any protective padding, and paws can only withstand so much wear and tear before accidents happen. Punctures occur on the surface of the paw. Though puncture wounds are less common in human football scenarios, they do happen. Pigskins in a Blanket (crescent dog footballs) are perfect game-day snacks!
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One fan dressed up his or her chocolate lab with a football doggy costume for the Florida State Seminoles' home showdown against the Miami Hurricanes.Alfie, nicknamed Ronaldog, is a two-year-old dog who loves playing Football!

"It was so funny watching this tiny dog trying to control a ball. Within a few days he had mastered the art of dribbling and controlling the ball in one-one-one tackles.", said Peter Simpkins, the human of Alfie :)Our Football Dog Costume is a touchdown for your four-legged quarterback! This plush Football Dog Costume fastens comfortably around the neck and chest.Not only are college football teams more accessible in the South than their professional counterparts, but they're a regional point of pride in a place whose obsession with its own identity can verge on the fanatical and stray into malevolence. That makes everything that touches the football programs turn to gold – including the dogs, who are among the primary faces of the teams for the schools that have them. College football players have four seasons of NCAA eligibility and the most talented among them regularly leave for the NFL after only three, which makes it impossible to build the long-term, brand-name stars like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning that are hallmarks of professional sports. In place of those franchise heroes, other traditions take up the mantle, and it's a lot easier to pose your toddler for a Christmas card photo next to a domesticated dog than next to Mike, LSU's tiger, or Nova, Auburn's War Eagle. That accessibility makes fan interest in football dogs particularly strong and the treatment of the dogs all the more royal.More specifically, Que is an all-white English bulldog, bred from a special line of all-white English bulldogs with the title of Uga X as his destiny. He sits atop the University of Georgia’s multimillion-dollar collegiate sports empire, and he was collared (the position's version of "coronated") in front of a crowd of nearly 93,000 screaming people ahead of the university’s football game against Georgia Southern last fall, in the same stadium in which his nine deceased predecessors are interred in one of the end zones.Squeak & Glow Footballs are great toys for any Doodle!
These toys are perfect for medium and large dogs.
* Dog toys glow in the dark for day or night play and float for river or lake fun
* Soft, durable and nontoxic dog toy balls deliver long-lasting fun
* Squeak & Glow Footballs glow brightly to increase visibility at dusk
Glow-in-the-dark balls offer your dog safe, fun fetching day or night. Playing fetch with your dog improves your
bond and gives your dog much-needed activity and exercise.
Footballs are apprx 6 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide
Available in Pink, Green, Yellow and Orange