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All of PetSafe’s wireless dog fence systems come with a total of 6 different correction settings:
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It’ll also give your dog more confidence because he can reach all around without being pulled back. With this fence, you’ll not have signal issues like it happens with the best wireless dog fence.
Watch this  to learn more about training your dog for a wireless fence.
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This hybrid pet fencing system combines wireless receiver collars with a simple-to-bury wire: either fix it to an existing fence, or bury it just ¼” underground. Then, connect to power, collar your pup, and train him to his new boundaries. Bottom line: If you’re looking for an affordable dog fence and are willing to put in just a bit of work, give this system a look. Stubborn Dog Stay+Play Wireless Fence® Rechargeable Receiver Collar ()
Photo provided by FlickrWireless Electric Dog Fence is cheaper than a traditional fence & easy to install
Photo provided by FlickrThe wireless dog fences (and the wired dog fences) do not interfere with Wireless Internet.
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Today we're looking at the PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence. This is one of the few wireless fences on the market today. It is radio signal based. What that means is unlike a wired fence, you don't actually have to bury anything in your yard. You have this system right here which you put inside your house, and it sends out a radio signal that allows the dog to go up to 90 feet away from the transmitter.• FOCUSPET WIRELESS PET FENCE SAFE&EFFECTIVE - FOCUSPET Invisible fence is completely safe and harmless to your pet,if the dog is beyond the setting …I used these several years ago in a house that we lived at that had a backyard but it didn't have a fence in the front yard. I wanted my dogs to have access to the front yard. So what we did was we set up a wireless fence. This allowed them to run out in the front yard but not get in the road. It worked great because of the size of my front yard.Wireless dog fence is designed to keep your dog within a certain boundary (either custom build bound or circle bound) without the need of planting a physical fence. Yah! You heard me; you don’t need any wires, poles, digging e.t.c. All you need is a remote transmitter and a collar receiver only! Moreover setting the whole system up is dead simple, in fact, it takes a couple of hours only!Gone are the days of digging and planting a physical fence (just for the sake of a dog) and If you are as lazy as i am you’d always look for some shortcuts to escape the hard handy work. It could be that you don’t have time, handy work isn’t your thing or anything like that, I have a solution, that will solve all problems like a magic spell and find best wireless dog fence. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.Corded – A corded fence uses a cord to navigate your dog. When you buy a corded wireless fence, this is what you do. It’s either you dig just a small trench dip enough to fit a cord or you just build pavement on top of the cord. The whole system will remain wireless because the cord will be no longer visible. This type of fence has two major advantages. They are more accurate than the Wi-Fi ones. Secondly, unlike cordless fences, you can customize any boundary shape with it, be it a rectangle, triangle, shape each and every corner of your yard as is. The sharp for cordless fences is always a circle because the wave is measured in radius, but as for corded fence you just twist the cord to your desired sharp, then you bury it, and you are good.