KONG Wild Split Elk Antler For Dogs

Long-Lasting. Our Elk Antler Dog Treats and Elk Antler Dog Chews provide many hours of enjoyment.
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Our 100% natural Elk Antler Chews are all sourced from within the USA. We select only the finest stock to ensure both strength and scent are the best they can be. We then cut the antlers and sand the edges to provide a safe chewing experience for your dog. Puppy’s, old dogs and timid chewers will enjoy our splits, while the strongest chewers will be kept happy with our whole antler pieces. Pick your favorite size today. As long as they are size appropriate, antlers will not splinter, shatter or break. They do however keep the dogs teeth wonderfully clean without nasty smells or colors. These antlers are legendary for their staying power, invest in an antler chew today and stop throwing your money away on chews that are gone instantly. Go here to .
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These natural elk antler dog chews are a super source of natural glucosamine, chondroitin and calcium. These chews are nature's natural choice for a healthy, long lasting treat for your dog. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, we highly recommend that you give an antler chew a try. Our have the tasty, fresh marrow that dogs crave! KONG Wild Whole Elk Antler For Dogs
Photo provided by PexelsAntlers for dogs... the longest lasting, yummiest dog treat on the market! Elk antlers for dogs.
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The secret is out! Dogs find fresh Elk Antler Chews irresistible, so let your Dog be a Dog, unlock his natural instincts the healthy way and order some Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews today!Our X-LARGE WHOLE Elk Antlers for Dogs are cut from premium quality, Grade-A naturally Shed Elk antlers. The average XL-WHOLE Chew is 12 ounces, so typically a 2 pound order yields 3 X-Large Whole Chews.Our Premium Antler chews are 100% all natural, odor-free and very long lasting. These antler dog chews come right out of nature each spring shortly after the elk drops them, so they are completely unprocessed!Elk antlers provide great taste and health benefits for dogs. USA antlers that are naturally shed. The antlers are Grade A making it the highest quality product on the market. Hypoallergenic and natural sources of Calcium, Glucosamine, Iron & Potassium. 100% all-natural, odor-free.
A little while Dogs Naturally shared a piece about “Elk Velvet Antler Benefits For Dogs”. After posting this piece, many of our dedicated followers pointed out that the process in which these antlers are obtained is of great concern. After doing some of our own research, we agree. Below, Jessica Peralta explains why, even though elk velvet antler supplements are very nutritious for your dog, there’s one reason you may think twice before giving them to him.If you’re not familiar with these natural dog chews, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions and answers to help you get acquainted. We’ve also detailed some of the best selling elk antler chews available on Amazon to purchase for your pup.Yes, you read that right: chews made out of elk antlers. It sounds kind of crazy right? Believe it or not, elk antlers can serve as fantastic dog chews for your four-legged pal. Give your dog one of these natural chews, and just watch how bananas he goes!Elk antlers are thick and strong, making them a fun challenge for dogs that love to chomp and chew. Elk antlers also tap into your dog’s deep-rooted animal instincts to investigate and chew on things found in nature.