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i am so glad to have come across this dog, is part lab and pitbull, medium size and short haired with folded ears. she is constantly shaking her head and dragging her face thru pillows and carpet on one side....i have inspected both ears and they are for the past couple of months or so i have administered ear cleaning drops from Petsmart......and swabbed......however her ear problem comes and goes all the's not cronic but something definitely had to be done other than drops.....i am going to try this remedy as it seems to be more than dirt/wax, i will report back with my results ......thanks again people!
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They cut my dog really bad to the point she needed to get her ear glued, so bad they put her on antibiotics and pain meds. Not the first time they cut her but this was beyond means. She has to wear a cone so she won't scratch it and hurt it. So much for wanting her nice and clean and pretty for Christmas, now the poor thing has to wear the horrible cone. If you love your pet, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO PETSMART GROOMING!!! ZYMOX Pet Ear Cleanser | dog Treatments | PetSmart
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