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Do not be fooled by this company's claim that they want to make you their biggest fan. I purchased this door and had a large hole cut through stucco to have it placed. Soon I was having trouble with the collars not working. They sent several replacements before I had one that worked. Shortly after that I had the sensors in the doors fail and had to replace the sensors. At $35 per collar, you would think I could get one that would hold together. After all the companies make the product for a large dog. Finally, I purchase their MS5 collar which works only with the company's batteries, but at least has a screw to hold it in place with a large Boxer's play. That collar is at a considerable higher price of $69.00.
On the page You can find prices for: dog door with sensor collar - Statements Ltd.
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We spotted another so-called automatic dog door on the internet recently which appears to be a knock-off copy of the mechanics used by an older, discontinued Power Pet model. The Plexidor electric doggy door uses an extruded aluminum frame which is not as strong or stable as the composite ABS polymer used on the Power Pet Door. It may seem like metal should be stronger than plastic however, with a highly tooled injection mold it is possible to engineer a structure that is far stronger, more rigid, impact resistant and temperature stable than a hand welded aluminum extrusion. Power Pet Doors are less unlikely to jam in extremely cold or hot weather. Additionally the RFID system used by the Plexidor requires a large collar key suitable only for large dogs. The Plexidor does not have directional sensing, safety retract, 4-Way Access or individual range controls. And we can't understand why such an inferior electronic pet door sells for over $1,200.00! Jul 20, 2015 - An electronic dog door opens when it detects a magnetic sensor in your dog's collar
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Photo provided by FlickrNov 14, 2016 - Other doggie doors have the option to pick from a variety of settings; such as locked, open, or only open to animals wearing a collar sensor.
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The E-Z Pass Pet Door is easy to use. Simply install the door in your home as you would any other pet door, add the small, unobtrusive RFID Sensor FOB (included) to the collar of your dog or cat, the frequency is set automatically, and you’re done. The E-Z Pass pet door will open for your pet.The directional signal of the collar is used to detect the direction in which your pet is moving so that the door will only open if your pet is on a direct approach, not when your pet is just wandering by. Ultrasonic technology is long range and gives the most accurate distance control. You can adjust the activation distance of a Power Pet door from zero to over 10 feet within an accuracy of just an inch or two. No other sensing system has this range or accuracy. Because the ultrasound won't penetrate the doors or walls of your home, we can isolate inside and outside sensors allowing you to set separate indoor and outdoor activation distances. Only the Power Pet door has this feature and it is very useful because typically, it's more convenient to set a longer outdoor range giving the door more time to open when your enthusiastic dog comes charging toward the door. On this site you will also find many other products that are unique and not available from any other pet product manufacturer. Our proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus system used on all High Tech Pet electric dog fences continuously increases corrective stimulus as your dog approaches an invisible boundary, letting your dog decide for himself how much stimulus is enough to cause him to retreat. Our amazing Power Pet doors are like no other pet doors on Earth. They are fully automatic, pet operated, motor driven and utilize our patented directional ultrasonic sensing circuitry and compact motor drive system. Our remote dog training collars use our unique STARTM (Stimulus Tone And Reward) training method with positive tones used as both command and reward providing the quickest, easiest and most humane training system available. Our PAWS (Pet Activated Wireless System) technology allows your pet to activate multiple devices, including automatic pet doors, indoor / outdoor electronic fences, sonic barriers and deterrent mats, all from a single pet collar. You can mix and match products to create your own custom electronic pet care system all operated by a single electronic collar.The magnetic sensing systems as used by the Solo doggy doors are short-range, inaccurate and highly sensitive to electric appliances. They may suddenly start opening and closing in response to your dishwasher or washing machine. Power Pet electronic pet doors use a patented directional ultrasonic sensing system that responds to one thing only, the tiny, water-resistant collar. Another key concern is that the Solo automatic pet door is not UL approved for safe electrical manufacture. We would never recommend putting an electrical appliance in your home that is not UL approved.