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-- The content of chew toys is important in relation to safety. Any toy that can splinter (made of wood) or unravel (rope toys) is potentially dangerous. I have had to sedate canine patients to remove wooden splinters that have worked their way under the gum line, causing pain and infection. I also have had dogs present with strands of a rope toy stuck between teeth, or wadded up into a ball ready to be swallowed. Again, I'm not saying "never," but always with supervision. These toys should be stowed away when the owner cannot be present.
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Notwithstanding these facts, consider that millions of dogs have been chewing millions of objects for years, most without incident. So the risk does appear to be low, but as with most activities, it cannot be eliminated. Watch your dog when he begins chewing, and talk to your veterinarian about which chew toys are the safest bets for your puppy.  Dental chew toys are hard toys that the dog can gnaw on and safely ingest small particles. Examples
Photo provided by FlickrThat’s right, it’s KONG again with one of their most fun offerings in dog chew toys: the Jump N Jack Dental Dog Toy.
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Nylabone helps establish a positive dental health routine for your dog, with edible dental chews, a full range of oral care supplies, and chew toys that leave your dog with cleaner teeth. Whether you’re hunkering down to brush your dog’s teeth, setting him up for a chewing session, or giving him a mouth-friendly snack, Nylabone chew toys and edible chews help keep your dog’s smile healthy and his breath fresh.Dental dog chew toys are recommended for a proper oral hygiene. Dog chews can have multiple health benefits for pets of all ages including the prevention of plaque, tartar and periodontal disease.Always be sure to match dental products to your dog’s size and chewing strength, and keep an eye on him when he’s chewing to make sure that large pieces of chew toys aren’t being chewed off and swallowed. Take worn or chewed-through chew toys away from your dog promptly and replace them with new ones. Human toothpaste and mouthwash are hazardous to dogs, so always use canine-specific dental supplies.The dental dog chews are available in a variety of sizes and textures. The toys should have a harder surface, so as to be able to prevent the buildup of plaque.Dogs that get dental dog chew toys have whiter teeth. The deposited films of plaque may lead to yellow teeth. By chewing on dental toys, dogs will prevent the formation of plaque and will have a brighter smile.Dental health is just as critical for dogs as it is for humans. Lately if you have been avoiding the loving kisses of your canine friend because he could use a couple of breath mints then it is time you paid close attention to his dental hygiene. Luckily, there are a number of dog chews that come both in the form of edible treats and toys that will help and oral health.Besides dental dog chew toys, you also need to brush your dog's teeth on a regular basis. Don't forget a few dental chew treats to ensure that your dog has healthy gums and teeth.Another way to maintain your dog’s pretty smile is through dental chews which as mentioned above are available both in the form of toys and food. Dental chews are perhaps the easiest and most fun way of ensuring your dog’s dental health as it involves either playing or eating, two of the activities that your dog can almost never say ‘no’ to.