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AWESOME. Presidential Palace: Designer dog crate (mansion!). #dog #pet #designer #luxury #doghouse
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Yes, we built it just high enough to slide the crates easily in and out (a must for cleaning because we have long haired dogs). I had a few doubts about putting the puppies under those heavy machines, but my husband designed the platform to be quite sturdy and we tested it extensively. The dogs actually seem to enjoy being under the dryer while it is running..
Custom built buffet table to fit over our Dog crates. #DestinyDesigns
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Cold hard plastic crates are a thing of the past. The future is soft, comfortable, and modern dog crate designs. This dog crate is your pup’s home away from home, so it should feel like a home. Dog crates from Poochie Heaven can comfortably double as a cozy dog bed. Many pet owners leave their dog in a crate while they are away from home, to keep the dog from getting into trouble. To make your dog’s time in their crate more enjoyable, there are dog crates available with soft cushioned bottoms that are great for napping. There are also larger dog crates available, or pet pens that will allow the dog more room to stretch their legs and move around. If you are forced to crate your dog, at least ensure that their time in the crate is as enjoyable as possible. DenHaus | Designer Dog Crate Furniture | Wooden Dog Crates
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The simple design and style of this beautifully crafted dog crate is a combination of functional furniture and stylish addition to the interior. The wooden construction can also serve as a cabinet or end table.This practical side table with built-in dog crate base is a useful piece of furniture that is perfect for stylish decor. Beautiful wood design with contrasting countertop and many drawers make the whole unit very functional. If for a reason you need to keep the dog locked, consider some crate furniture. This enables to keep the pet safe and comfortable. The variety of such furniture is really wide so finding something which matches your home decor is not a problem. Browse below to find out designer dog crates. Blend function with eye-drawing visual aspects. This designer's dog crate boasts openwork design with elaborate entiwining geometric pattern. Even the most particular puppies and owners should be delighted by this dog den.Elegant cabinet fitted with 2 dogs crates. Construction is made of wood. Designed for medium sized pets. It contains 4 drawers for storing personal items. Functional accent for each home.This is one of those ideas that makes you think: How come no one has thought of this before? A set of wheels for your dog crate! No more dragging the crate across the floor when you’re cleaning or vacuuming the house – Now you can enjoy ease of movement and portability with these rolling, locking universal casters that are designed to fit most wire crates by attaching to the intersection of any two cross wires. Dog crate in elegant style. Designed for large and medium sized pets. Construction is made of wood. Application in the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.The Designer Series transport dog crates from ‘Komfort Pets’ are revolutionary. These transport crates will keep your dog comfortably warm when it’s too cold or cool when it’s too hot since these dog crates are the world’s first climate controlled pet carrier.