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Jockey Saddle Dog Costume for your Dachshund
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After the race, dachshunds donned their cutest and most elaborate Halloween get-up for the doggie costume contest. Other pups came to the park to show off their costumes and to cheer their dachshund pals on. Here are some of the cutest costumes we found:
This adult dachshund costume is a mascot quality dog costume that will be great for promotional events, sporting events and more.
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No longer do you have to sit around wishing you could be a dog for a day, this Adult Dachshund Costume is your chance. This funny adult costume is made from 100% polyester velour fabric so you’ll feel soft enough to pet. The matching mitts flip back so you can use your human hands for Halloween shenanigans and the shoe covers secure with elastic bands under foot. The hood has a stuffed snout, drooping ears, and plastic eyes and nose for that finishing touch. You might find that the whole family wants to take you for a walk, give you some doggie treats and play fetch with you. (Note: doggie treats are not nearly as delicious as they might appear). Explore Heather Hutchinson's board
Photo provided by PexelsWe stock a great selection of Dog Costumes for Dachshunds. The Dog Costumes below work well for the typically sized Dachshund.
Photo provided by FlickrI was reminded by our followers that I did not have a 'hotdog' dog costume for my dachshunds. I rectified that situation by purchasing one the other day.
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Keep your furry friend warm and cozy in this cute bear hood! Perfect for those chilly fall and winter walks or use as a costume. Handmade with chunky yarn in Oatmeal. Made for a small dog. Model is a Miniature Dachshund weighing approx. 12.5lbs. Hood is stretchy and could fit a slightly larger breed.A dog dressed as food? Amazing. A dog dressed as a hotdog? Better. A Dachshund dressed as a hotdog? Best. If you own a Dachshund, you must dress your dog as a hotdog, you have no option. If you own any other breed, this costume is still a solid choice and we highly encourage it. If mustard isn’t your thing, we’re sorry you never learned the appropriate way to eat a hotdog, but you can . If you’re looking for a matching costume for yourself, , or .