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Elevate water and food bowls to make it easier for your dog to drink and eat. While he can take in enough food and water while wearing the cone, it will be difficult to do so without making a mess. Placing the bowls in a higher location will help.
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Looking for an alternative to the cone (also known as an Elizabethan collar or e-collar)? Consider an inflatable one. They are smaller and more convenient for both dog and owner. It's easier for the dog to access food and water bowls, and they'll have an easier time walking around. Traditional e-collars tend to get caught on doorways, walls, and woodwork. funny gifs dog cone food - Dose of Funny
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My girlfriend is a vet and the plastic cone is the best and trimming is wrong. 1 if your pet just had surgery and needs a cone, your vet should have told you. All activities outside should be on a leash. 2 if you trim the plastic cone too much the animal may be able to lick the incision open. This is bad because they think they’re helping, but honestly they make it worse. 3 the soft blue cones don’t help they can be folded back while you are unaware and the animal can do damage to themselves. 4 and last move food and water dishes away from the wall and change them to a paper plate or smaller dish. Your dog or cat will get use to the cone and learn how to move with it. Don’t feel it’s cruel or punishment. Think of the well being of your pet.Your vet can help you pick the right size cone for your pup, but in general, the base should fit around his neck the same way his collar does. Some cone collars are designed to attach to your dog's normal collar, making sizing them around his neck easier. The wide end of the cone should be slightly shorter than your pooch's nose when he pokes it out straight. With the proper sizing, your dog should be able to get his mouth to his food and water bowls even when he's wearing the cone collar.So how do you feed a dog that is wearing a cone? I came up with the idea to use a compote I have, basically a larger martini shaped glass dish. You can easily guide it right between the collar and their jaw, and with holding it tilted just a bit forward towards your dog they can easily access the food in the dish.

With just a day or so of practice she can do it herself, but when she backs up or comes forward towards the dish the collar easily tips the dish and that spooks her off the food. So I just hold it for her. As you can see it only takes 3.5 minutes for her to finish.

And while I was worried she would not get enough water, when I stopped trying to come up with creative ways to give her access to water, she was able to work out her own solution. She presses the bottom of the collar on the side of the water bowl and stretches her neck out. No problem for this little girl.Pelle doesn’t care for other dogs as much as I’d like. When an adorable dog approaches him on the street, he seems to mostly feel annoyance that his food search has been interrupted. The head cone solved this: I watched the cutest, littlest black puppy come up to him from behind and cautiously sniff him, waiting for Pelle to turn around so they could greet each other.When your dog needs a cone collar, he probably needs to wear it all day, every day for the prescribed time. He's just waiting for the chance to chew on his boo-boo, and removing the cone for even a minute gives him that chance. However, if he refuses to try to eat while wearing the cone, ask your vet about removing it just long enough for your pooch to cram in some food. Watch him like a hawk the entire time, and stop him if he tries to turn around and chew on his injury. Put the cone back on as soon as he's finished eating.